How do you complete the meditation to the end? I always want and fight myself from quitting in the middle.

Arron Z.
I like to sit relaxed And not at all stressed..that is why I always sit till end of not only meditation,but everything..
Paulette P.
With meditation a person should acknowledge whatever thought comes up. Picture your thoughts on a leaf, flowing down a brook.
Sandra Z.
I fight with myself as well. That’s the point I believe, in some ways. Like when you train for a sport or study for a test, it takes practice and then you get stronger at that subject or competition. Same thing with meditation. I start with the 5 mins and once I feel confident and can relax and control my thoughts. I upgrade to the next level. That way it’s a progression, but frustration will happen, we are only human. Slow and steady wins the race, and I think that is a good metaphor to apply to this practice.:) be kind to yourself, it’s natural for your mind to wonder! You can do it!
Mac Kenzi O.
I start with the shortest meditation I can find. Then I schedule a time for myself to complete the meditation where I know I want to relax and have time for myself. I turn off the lights, light one of my favorite candles, make sure I'm sitting or laying somewhere comfortable, press play and close my eyes. Something that also was helpful to me when doing my first meditation through fabulous was to start the meditation right before I fell asleep. I have pretty severe ADHD and generalized anxiety, which makes it a challenge to sit through a meditation or fall asleep. I've found that being completely exhausted helped me to be able to only focus on the meditation. Then afterwords I was super relaxed, and fell asleep hard. It was the kind of deep sleep that you get after playing at a pool all afternoon as a kid. I highly recommend meditating in a way that passively rewards you immediately after like that!
B R Nice E.
That's a great question. Honestly I set a timer in my phone to signal when I am done. I started at 5 minutes a day to train myself to meditate. Every week I would move up one minute. It's about training, start with 5 minutes, if that's too hard start at 3. Work your way up, you won't want to quit that way.
Carla N.
Truth is, I also have this problem. Just be centered.Be in the present. I try to do that a lot, time will pass and it will soon be over 🙂