How do you keep your focus during meditation, especially when your mind is going at warp speed!?

Henning O.
Haha I can actually relate! When I first started meditation I found it completely impossible and I felt like I was going to fall asleep when I closed my eyes , no matter how many meditation motivation videos I watched I found it nearly impossible to stay still for 2 minutes , let alone half an hour!

But I actually realised that meditation is all about self control. To get over everything that happened in the past and re fresh your brain for a better life. So now I meditate nearly every day and when I close my eyes instead of thinking about all the worrying things in my life and what I have to do next and if I've revised enough for my science test, i just sorta let all my tension and worry and anxiety sort of flush out my brain and re fresh it completely. I'm sure you'll soon learn self control and your brain won't run at 1000 miles per hour! Meditation can really come in handy ! Please let me know if this has helped you at all and I want to know your achievements and please tell me if you have any other questions, good luck!

Mathilde U.
I am using a meditation technique that is called “transcendental meditation”. You meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, and in order to keep the thoughts under control you repeat a mantra inside your head throughout the entire meditation process. The thoughts will come anyway, and once you are aware of them, you simply go back to the mantra. The thoughts that pop into your head is stress relief. I would recommend you to read more about TM (transcendental meditation) online or join a course. Good luck!
Christian C.
Don’t think about keeping focus, just do your best to concentrate on your breathe. The coming back to your breathe after you loose focus is the practice part of meditation. Just keep practicing and be kind to yourself.
Melanie J.
I don’t, but I’ve heard that it’s ok to let the thoughts pop up and let them pass by without judgment, rather than spending the whole time forcing myself to be “blank minded”
Serenity X.
Start breathing. I like 4-7-8 rule: inhale for 4 seconds, hold breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat at least 10 times and you will be slow down.
Gordon P.
I visualise a place of emptiness, dark, fathomless. It feels warm and safe. When my thoughts appear they move like they are wisps of a gentle breeze, there than gone again. I am centred and grounded by my breath, l love belly breathing. It fills my whole body with a tingling sensation.
Jesus E.
That is quite challenging for me as well; I use Inner Balance as a breath pacer sometimes, but that’s a whole thing 😉

Passive meditation, I try to focus on the breath and label the inhalation “I am breathing in” and the exhalation “I am breathing out.”

Christian meditation; there are some Simple Habit sessions with leccio divino, a n ancient practice of scripture, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. Such a practice might be called Christian Mysticism…

Kylian Z.
Focusing on the breath really is the foundation, but the most important thing for me is to be patient with myself. If my mind wanders, I acknowledge the thought and set it down for later. Often times I do this through visualization. It could be a jar that appears in my lap to be set on a shelf. A box to be wrapped. The tide coming in and sweeping away lines I’ve drawn in the sand. I give the thought a brief moment of my time, treat it with respect, and promptly move on. If my mind is really racing I’ll do a moving meditation or focus on a candle or running water. Allowing some of the business in my head to transition into the physical world gives my mind just enough clarity to focus on the meditation.
Francis F.
The way to keep your focus during meditation is by using slow, and controlled breaths. Focusing on only the breath will keep you in the present. By doing this, you are not thinking about whatever happened in the past, and you are not thinking about what might happen in the future. This is the part of meditation that sharpens your focus.
Filippa W.
I truly believe that focusing on my breath helps me the most. Sometimes I will choose one word to focus back on for example love and think it over and over as I breathe in and out. Over time it gets easier and even when I may go off tangent, when I notice I will go back to my focus word without judgement.
Taliciana S.
It’s ok and totally normal that our minds wander during meditation. The discipline is not to have a quiet mind (impossible) but to gently return our attention each time we notice our mind has wandered.

Gentleness is key! Don’t beat yourself up. Your mind is just doing what it was made to do.

Good luck with your practice!

Gino C.
It is not a matter of “keeping” focus. That can end up feeling like a battle with yourself. Your mind’s natural state is to wander, and sometimes gallop. Meditation will actually give you a chance to observe your mind in that natural state and to build the capacity to slow it down help to quiet it.

It is a matter of observing your mind, without judgement, and gently redirecting it back to the object of your attention. So if you are paying attention to your breath and you become aware that you have been thinking about everything you have to do later that morning, you actually note that awareness. You may just say to yourself, “Hmm, I am thinking about my to do list.” Then gently bring your attention back to your breath.

I have an image in my mind that my thoughts are a toy boat floating in a pond. When the boat is going off course, I very gently tap it back to go in the direction I choose.

Brooklyn Z.
We dont have a button to empty our mind of thoughts, So Its normal for them to run up And down all day . When i nothest my mind going Away , i just NOTHEST, And i turn my focus on my breath.
Maelya S.
Just be patient and take your time. Keep bringing your focus back to your intent. It takes practice and patience. And don’t beat yourself up. It will come.
Undine J.
Practice is key. Start small, 1 minute is an achievement. Also don't be scared of practicing in loud or inconvenient places like the train or at work. The more you try in different environments, the easier it will be at home
L Ane Q.
Let your mind fool around a bit. I can not force myself to have a clear mind so i let it go for a while. After some time it will calm and find its place. Do not push yourself. Pushing it will have the opposite effect of what you want.
Rosemary T.
I'm trying to concentrate on the breathing. Reminding myself to constantly think of nothing just the breath! It's hard sometimes but just concentrate on breathing in and out steadily.
Kiara E.
I close my eyes and breathe for a min before i open my mind to meditation. I also go in with an intention. I think okay what do i need to work on or reflect? What should i have done differently yesterday or what do i want to accomplish today? If i zone in on something, it makes it harder to get distracted
Landon C.
If you try to keep your mind from going places, you're just going to get dragged along. So let it go. Watch where it goes. Learn. Focus doesn't mean putting your mind where you want it to be.
Carl Heinz X.
Good question. You must accept that you will have different days and sometimes meditation is easier than others. I attempt to slow my mind by using a phrase or prayer word. Any repetitive word or phrase just slows down the mind. I also try to just let the thoughts go by like a leaf on a stream. Take notice and just let it pass by without dwelling on it.
Ron W.
Take a deep breath .. close my eye and i let my thoughts flow without rush then i let them go and think in postive things and moments the let them go to clear my mind