My back hurts while I meditate!! What can I do?

Maritta O.
Well meditation is all about accepting what is. Sometimes even the resistance to your back hurting will make you hyper focus on it and make it worst as a result. It's hard to let go of a pain, especially if it's something you worry about everyday. But the act of letting go of it lessens the pain. This doesn't mean, ignore your pain. It means, while you're meditating, you accept that in that moment you can't do anything about it. And it helps you in all the other moments where you "can't do anything about it" and increases effectiveness in moments where you do try to do something to improve the pain, because it won't be out of frustration.
Colin P.
If you are sitting on the floor, try sitting up against a wall on a pillow, or a yoga mat folded so that it is double thick. This setup will give your hips more support and you can lean against the wall as you build back strength. Another option would be to meditate like in yoga, and lay comfortably on your back.
Mila C.
If it's a terrible pain then don't sit down. Meditate in an upright chair or even while lying in your bed. As long as your visualize a beam of light running from the base of your spine right up to your head and focus on this straight column of light it will be well. But notice the pain, breathe into it. Don't panic, just notice it, breathe and release.
Mikkel E.
Try to prop yourself up against the couch or sit by the bed, or even use pillows! Whatever makes you feel more comfortable means you'll be more likely to do this ritual again! 😃
Kleydianne F.
I would try placing cushions behind you or maybe try laying on your back in bed to meditate. If that doesn't help, maybe try checking with your doctor to find the root cause of the back pain.
Gaspard Y.
You can meditate in any position that is comfortable. Don’t worry about being rigidly upright. Sometimes I meditate lying down and I set an alarm just in case I fall asleep – but I usually don’t unless it’s right after I woke up or late in the evening. If you do fall asleep, it still counts! I have a lot of back problems so I don’t hold myself to the normal ‘rules’ of meditative posture. It’s ok.
Edelmira E.
I have had the same issue. Try sitting in a chair with a high back (not too squishy like a couch), and place a firm pillow behind you right at your low back. Rest your feet on the ground and relax your head back against the back of the chair. This should all support your back in a more comfortable and relaxed position. If you continue to feel pain, try some gentle stretches before you sit down to meditate.
Julie N.
It's generally recommended to be comfortable as you meditate. So if you're uncomfortable, find the position that you're better in. It's perfectly acceptable to lie down or to sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground.

I would also suggest taking a walk before you meditate. It doesn't have to be a very long walk but just going around the block for 5 minutes will help relax your lower back and you will be more comfortable for your meditation.