Do you use mantras while you meditate? And if so, which ones work well for you?

Kelly F.
Thankyou for your question, no I am a quiet when I brain is always so busy with distraction I find the internal/external silence an important part of my day ..Mantras are great for raising energy I find them uplifting rather than internally calming
Ferdinand O.
I dont use mantras but I do believe in higher power and talk to that ultimate power and controller of all things and the I put my all trust in that power.
Biancamaria Q.
Hi I do guided meditations some of them has got already mantras behind the voice it’s nice! I listen to mantras while I’m at home do 😊 there are few nice playlists on Spotify
Darvin C.
I don’t per say have one. I just tell myself what I need that day over and over. Any reminders that I need to relax me also help.
Jutta T.
Actually, I don't, I'm sorry I can't reccomend you any mantras. I'm new to meditation, so I kind of stick up with guided ones at the moment
Wei J.
Not usually as I have an established meditation practice. Simple mantra like saying peace with every breath or loving kindness repeat may i/you be happy, healthy, and live your life with ease. You can do this at any time and brings benefits of a peaceful compassionate mind.
Yohan N.
No I just focus on my breathing trying to stay in the moment and realize my surroundings/observing my thoughts that float in and out. I’m not sure the benefits of mantras while meditating. It might help but I personally never tried.
Jasper N.
When I meditate, I tend to use something more nonsensical to keep my mind calm and steady. Something that usually tends to be a mash of syllables, such as "Nyol di zenma watral," or "Those who fight for peace" in a language I created called Mala. I understand what it means, but it's such a jumble of syllables that it really just doesn't take up too much of my brain space, but just enough to keep my more intrusive thoughts or stressful thoughts away, so my mind is focused on just being one with my body. Or I'll hum a Viking Chant because they tend to clear my head and get me in tune with my body.
Kirk C.
I listen to meditation series by Deepak Chopra (I've invested in a couple of series). I really like the layout of Deepak's meditations! In each session, Deepak tells you a mantra. If I'm just breathing and need a mantra to relax I say the following (taken from Deepak Chopra). "Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all regrets, grievances, and resentments, and choose the miracle."
Leigh N.
I don’t use specific mantras, but if I do they are tailored to what I feel that I need in the moment. Some that I use are I am enough, I love you. However, most of the time I am trying to concentrate my attention in the morning.
Lizzel N.
I try to work more on slef halp and prodoctivity and the ones that work best for me are "if you can dream it, you can do it" and "your friends love you and enjoy talking to you. If someone doesnt want to talk to you thier not worth talking to enyway."
Gina C.
They don’t write songs about the ones that come easy.

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Don’t forget to unclench your jaw.

Julcenira T.
No I actually don't use mantras while mediating. I have no specific reasons for that but I found out that deep breathing and being alive in the moments help relieve the mind of uncessary thoughts and conjuctions that hold past your fear and grief. The more youre able to stay focus and more you'll be in the moment. One more thing about mediating in the morning when everyone outside is asleep helps you conquer more feelings .
Janet Z.
Yes is do
Few of'em are listed
1.gayatri mantra
2.any particular shlok from shreemad bhagwad gita
3.or anything that makes you happy or you want to achieve.
Lya O.
No, I usually do not use any kind of mantras while meditating because it is a time when I reflect upon my life and decide what all I would be doing on that day. I choose resolutions and goals to be completed by the end of that day. But I like listening to relaxing music and nature sounds like raindrops and thunderstorms.
Tilde X.
I usually don't use mantras when I meditate, I usually go with guided meditations and those work wonderfully for me! I love the ones YouTube has to offer because there are so many and so good!