Does anyone use a candle when they meditate?

Philip Y.
I'm sure that some people do, but I personally find the smell to give me a headache, although I do enjoy the ambiance that it creates
Tiago Y.
I don't use a candle to meditate. But I think it can give you a calming effect and something to concentrate on. Does it help you?
Callum Y.
Initially meditation may require a point of focus so that you can concentrate on a particular point within your mind to meditate deeply. You may have seen movies which show martial arts trainings where to may a wandering mind focus a candle or a fixed source of light may be used, not to look at, but, to focus the last thing that is in front of your eyes before you close them. The light remains in the subconscious mind and gives you the focus required to feel and sense your breathing and heart beat. The sounds that we do not hear due to the cacophony around us. It used to be a simple candle 🕯️ at first however you may purchase some aromatic candles that also enhance your sense of smell as you meditate. Early humans used to depend on their senses of sight, sound and smell to survive however, as we developed the dangers required to keep those senses active dwilded and is next to extinct in us. There are still some people who can see beyond the normal line of vision, aware of a person standing behind about 2 feet away and hear more than others do because somehow the senses remained sharp. Footballers/ Soccer players can hear their approaching opponents well before they are close enough to tackle them thus, you see some miraculous dribbling on the field. Being a soccer player I can still hear people approaching me from behind and somehow surprise them. I hope my response helps you understand the concept of a candle while meditating.