How does one really clear our minds when we are constantly trying to do a million things in our head?

Hans H O.
Write them down. Keep a notepad next to your pillow and write in it when your mind starts spinning. I write my to do list before bed, before I meditate and that really helps me get out of monkey mind. During meditation- as soon as you realize your mind has spun out, notice this without judgement and turn your attention back to the exercise. Feeling bad/thinking about how distracted you are is also a distraction from the meditation. Whenever your mind spins, try to see it as a detached observer watching a storm from a safe space. “Oh look, my mind is spinning again… wow look at it go.” You are not your thoughts, your thoughts are a part of you.
Tammy G.
I focus on my breathing. Count of 4 in, hold for count of 4, exhale count of 8. I do this until I feel a shift in my headspace, a quieting if you will. Then if necessary I will write down what really actually needs my attention.. in that moment, for the day, etc. Doing this helps me stay on track and when I see that I've gotten off track it is much easier to look outside myself at the list to regroup. It also makes it easier to let go of all the thoughts because I've already done the thinking, wrote it out and so there is no need to continue thinking. Basically it a nice way of telling yourself to knock it off… Stop trying to be a control freak and get on with life.
Jetro P.
It is not really about getting rid of the thoughts or feelings. it is more about finding peace with them, creating space and to be able to stay with them without feeling of resistance.
Max Z.
In my opinion it is by looking at all those thoughts that run through my head and thinking to myself "well that's a problem for a later time, now I just want to breathe" and I don't try to stop the thoughts. just notice them, and I let them go.
Chloe Z.
First make a list or a brain map. If your head is just overwhelmingly full you need to purge what is in there first. I use mindly as I prefer to use my phone so as not to waste paper on my brain scribbles. Second is to meditate. Third, if your list or brain map is things you need to do, organize them in terms of urgency AND importance. Pick one or two and do them. If they are ideas you needed for the future, rest easy knowing they're written down and you don't have to waste important energy remembering them.
Hor Cio Z.
Try to create a sense of awareness in all the small things which we do. Once we start enjoying the things with awareness then the other thoughts drop out soon
Bobby E.
Hi, You've put your finger on the great challenge. Most of the time, almost constantly in this over-stimulated world we live in, we experience what is called "monkey mind". It's exactly what you describe, a constant stream of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. We meditate to calm and quiet the monkey mind. Most people find that the easiest way to do this is by focusing on one thing. Some focus on a candle, others on a word or sound. Mindfulness meditation teaches us to use our breath; it's something that is always with us. When you meditate, your mind *will* wander. Just notice this and return to your breath. Be kind to yourself, as if you are training a puppy. When the puppy wanders, just pick it up and put it back in place – focus on your breathe.

Even the act of noticing that your mind has wandered is a very important part of the process. You will start to become aware that you and your mind are not the same thing. This tiny crack becomes the doorway to freedom, and the door opens into simply *being*
Love, Elle