How can I improve for tomorrow?

Vivian G.
Plan ahead and have options. If I plan to do a certain exercise in the morning but wake up sore or it’s raining I can reach into my toolbox of options for an alternate instead of skipping it.

Kasper A.
Take time to make a list and organize. My little motto is PLAN for success. Make sure to make time for something that makes you feel good, That helps me to lock in why I am trying to get things together in the first place.

Emeline P.
The best way I've found to improve for tomorrow is prepare for it the night before. Go to sleep thinking about what task you're going to do in the morning. If it's cold, put thermal gear right by your bed so you won't be tempted to snooze due to temperature. Know what you'll make for breakfast before breakfast comes. And have whatever your 1st task of the morning will be, have it set up and ready to go! Oh and don't forget to make your bed ☺

Nicholas U.
Get up with a positive attitude. Even if you don't accomplish anything, you tried. Let the new day uplift your soul!

Miro T.
A new design and make some AI functionalities to improve the production and make some inspired quotes or topics to read, you can even mention some books to read.

Dave J.
I can examine what things interfered w my goals for the day and try to plan for those things so they don't interfere tomorrow. For example, if going to the gym is interfering w exercise, then plan to exercise at home.

Marie G.
Hey! Thanks for asking! I would love to answer a few words that could give some justice to this question since there's always room for improvement. I believe a good start would be to have better control over my emotions since I do tend to get overly anxious or overly excited from time to time. Another positive change or reinforcement would be to count each and every blessing and somehow find a way to develop an action that may remind me of that particular each day. Instead of looking at wwhat I don't have and compare myself to others, I should instead be focusing on all the blessings around me that I ought to neglect every single day. I would love to hear your response as well on this question. Have a blessed day anand hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

Quinota Q.
Just decide that every day is a new day and do your best. Restart with new and better resolve

Alfredo S.
Remember there is only now. I dont need to keep waiting until I'm ready or wait until I feel excited about something to just get it done.

M Rcia O.
Plan your tomorrow before you go to bed tonight. This is especially beneficial if your working to incorporate positive habits into your morning routine. The following is a basic explanation of what I do:
(1). Pick out clothes/shoes for workout and work, then take them to their respective places in bathroom for AM workout/ post-workout shower.
(2).Pack gym bag including water bottle then put near bedroom door so I can just grab and go in AM.
(3). Set-up kitchen for lemon H2O and Keto-Coffee, then make sure vegan breakfast is prepped for after my w/out. This saves a lot of time in the morning because I don’t have to worry about much cleanup.
(4). Make chamomile tea or glass of kombucha then head to home office.
(5). In office, I write my end of life day Gratitude entry.
(6). Next, Ensure desk is clear and set up for tomorrow (Gratitude journal and Planner positioned where I will see them for AM entry).
(7). Change clothes, brush teeth, wash face, then do 20 minutes of yoga to help relax and prime my brain for sleep.
(8). Meditate
(9). Go to bed

Louisa P.
You can improve for tomorrow by setting yourself up to succeed today. Put the things you'll need in the morning before you go out, like a gym bag, ready you go to bed.

Shawn Z.
I am following my habits. All started with a personal statement I wrote once while I was not sure where to aim in my life. One thing in the list what I want to improve the next 3 years was building good habits. With good vibrations, I found this application. Others are making a good network, having a mentor, taking finance classes, clearing goals and personal swot analysis. I made most of them in the first year and try to keep for the following 2 years. Then I am expecting to achieve some leap moment for myself and my company. Thanks for helping me.

Giuseppe F.
Remind yourself why you started this journey and if you still feel unmotivated then take a quick walk, and imagine how you want your life to be in the next year, then take the necessary small steps to get started.

Lisa U.
You can always remind yourself in alarms or, place sticky notes to were you usually would see them, and also you shoild always tell yourself that you can do it!

Eliott P.
Accomplish morning meditation when i wake up & read the daily text. If not in the morning, then later on.

Mit X.
Stay in the present. Take it moment by moment before you it becomes a habit. It will also help if you could remember why you started doing this.

Leonard T.
I think it's important to focus on improving in small steps or your own pace, to prevent frustration from failure and giving up. So, I would choose a simple task or an incremental one – Go out into the sun for five minutes if your eventual goal is thirty. Begin writing down your plans, but be practical. I hope all goes well!

Rayan O.
I can't speak for everyone, but every night I reflect by journaling how my day was today. I write about the things I appreciate (gratitude) and then I jot down, without over analyzing, the area's I need to improve upon so that by the time I wake up I'm prepared to make the necessary changes to make today better.

Jelena C.
You can never fully improve because once you feel that you have achieved your goal, you'll be happy for a little while before you start thinking again how can I make this better but what I always try to do is make sure at least to keep maybe 10 minutes for myself in the day to have some reflection time on my day, what went wrong or right. If you have a journal, then this is even better as you can write down notes in your day and look at the next day and maybe see from there what could be improved if it was to happen in the day again.

Heidi W.
Tommorrow, I’ll try to get more done. Like school work, socializing, and working on habits! I’ll try to be the good person I can be and I’ll try to stay positive 😉

Sofie U.
Not put the t.v. on when I get home so that I will remain focused on the habits i want to create.

To make sure i eat break and lunch during the day so I am sufficiently fuelled and don't crash when I get home.

Gertrude T.
The best way to improve for tomorrow is to schedule out tomorrow, today. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Gabriele A.
Make your breakfast ahead of time, keep your shoes next to the bed, and most importantly, wake up with a smile and a positive, energized outlook for the day. This may sound hard, but just think about the day ahead and simply change your mindset. It’ll get easier over time.

Anunciata T.
Set up your meditation spot with aromas, soft lighting, cushions, blankets, and some gentle music. Set a designated time and area. Create a safe space for yourself. Use it when you most need it like after a long day or to focus in the morning for the busy day ahead. Think about your why. Why are you doing this? How will this benefit your life? Get physical, move naturally, massage your feet, sing if you want! Lie down and put a blanket over yourself for a deep relaxation experience. Tap into your inner child, full of curiosity.

Burghard A.
Well, that's a quite open question… But I'll give you 4 tips. Excercise and take care of your body, train your mind and learn as much as you can, use your time wisely to be productive and remember we're not here forever, take the chance!

Terrence E.
I like to think that in order to be better tomorrow, we have to be our best us today. When I am focused on tomorrow, I do my morning and evening routines today. I reflect on the upcoming day, visualize success, and make sure to clear my mind with meditation or mindfulness exercises before I go to sleep. I make sure that my environment is prepared for my morning routine and a great start to the day before I focus on a great night's sleep. Today is a great time to start for success tomorrow.

Sofie W.
Plan. Perfect. Execute.