Is meditating and chanting the same?

Alexandra Z.
No, the meditation technique is to invite silence or a special word into your mind. Who are chanting, to me is a release instead of an invitation.
Gabin S.
It's a more proactive form of meditation. A vocal way to direct your own attention and the depth of your experience + it really emphasises the breath control
Storm P.
Short answer: No 🙄
Long answer: Both 🤓
Chanting is a type of meditation but not every meditation is chanting, the same way that all thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs ✌️😁
Gregory P.
I think it depends who you ask. There are lots of types and definitions of meditation. Chanting is a meditative activity but some people wouldn’t count it as meditation. However it probably has similar effects on the brain.
Alberto J.
For me it is different. Meditation is calming and clearing the mind. In my Buddhist practice chanting is a form of prayer
Eva A.
Chanting can be part of meditation but chanting by itself does not give thr same benefits as meditation without chanting.
Soham Y.
It depends on what your chanting. Words like peace, love, family,I am wanted,words like that can be chanted, to meditate.
Wilfriede O.
No I don't think so. Meditating is more focused on observing your thoughts and clearing your mind. I don't chant but I imagine it's used by monks to sharpen their focus and replace thoughts with a word. I would say chanting is a meditation tool but meditation is not about repeating a word.
Jeanne Z.
No as meditating may involve silently saying a mantra to yourself but it is not chanting. Chanting is generally loud and would be a major distraction for meditation.
Ashley U.
Chanting Mantra is a kind of meditation on sound vibration. Also the effect varies according to the particular mantra you choose to associate yourself with. And it is not only very simple but at the same time very easy and most effective.
Jayden U.
Meditating and chanting are 2 very different things; they are like the opposite of each other. Meditating is calm, peaceful, and relaxes your body and mind. Chanting is talking and blabbering stuff out. Sometimes it may be loud.
Sara A.
Meditatiing and chanting can achieve the same end. They can both clear your mind and focus your attention on the preaent moment. So in that sense they are the same. However I believe meditating will give you a more inward sense of self awarness than chanting would.
Lewis O.
No. They are not the same. Meditating takes precision focus and open awareness to put someone meditative state, while chanting usually entails consistent noises or words that, during repetition, put the chanter in a trance like state of peace and openness.