Do you meditate upon a question?

Alex Z.
No I don’t think that would work for me as my meditation consists of being aware of my breath, aware of thoughts and aware of being in the moment aka mindfulness. Lots of questions pop into my head during the meditation (I call them distractions) and I think the question that pops into my head just before meditation is no more ‘useful’ than any question I think of at another point of the day. I’ve heard it suggested to ‘seed’ your meditation with a question at the beginning and then just meditate without returning to the question so that is something I want to try.
Eliza O.
I turn on a guided meditation record and meditate to it. It is yet difficult for me to keep the mind from wandering on my own, without help
Elzo P.
No. I usually focus on breaths or listen to guided meditations or some spiritual/Christian meditations. You can find guided meditations on youtube.
Floyd U.
I’m not there yet. I try to focus on being present in the moment and meditate on how I can be present in all aspects of living
Rhonda O.
Never. I have other processes for getting illumination on any questions for me (and this is just me, of course), meditation is about disengaging from thinking and just being.