What is the most effective time to do meditation? Before sleep or right after rise up.

Martina N.
Personally I do 5-10 minutes both when I wake up and before I go to sleep, but I find it easier in the morning because the house is quiet and it seems that I have more concentration than at night when I'm tired. If I feel like I don't have time for meditation I either reduce the time to 3 minutes or even 1 of deep breaths
V Ctor P.
Probably after rase up. Before sleep I feel too tired and there is no way to concentrate, or even complete the time. So, I should include meditation in my morning routine.
Jennifer C.
It depends to me on the goal. If you want center yourself for the day then when you get a quiet moment in the morning. If you have had a hectic day then maybe right after bathing at night before bed.
Marion L.
i think its on what you wanna reach with meditation. If you wanna reflect the day you should do this in the evening. Also that can help to sleep better. I always meditate in the morning to think of what i wanna reach this day.
Malou N.
Right after I wake – it settles me in my body, and sets the day up from a place of connection and purpose. Not always, I'll admit, as sometimes I can't sink into it enough. But that's the goal, and I feel amazing afterwards when it clicks.
Ryan E.
I do both in the morning (right after journaling) and right when I go to sleep. I use HeadSpace’s The Wake Up and featured meditation, and I use a sleep meditation audio at night, from all sorts of apps, including this one.
Michelle T.
Meditating right after waking up helps me to stay calm and not get so frustrated and stressed out during the day. I try to incorporate both though and also use meditation to help me fall asleep.
Angel N.
Before and after..It is because before we sleep,we could make our mind relax and calm after tired one day to think many things to do..While doing meditation after rise up can makes us feel more energizer than yesterday and makes us feel more strong..
Mane Q.
I think that might be up to you and your usual routine. For me, meditation helps with the level of anxiety. Though I don't do it every day without fail, I try doing it in the morning and at night. In the mornings, it helps setting an intention for the day and at night it helps me disconnect of everything that might have stressed me out.
Mukesh X.
Both. In the morning, a sense of calm, clarity and control… providing a fresh perspective and renewed lens. In the evening, a sense of calm and relaxation
Maur Lio Q.
For me its probably in the morning. It will help you to focus on the upcoming day, relax before rushing into work tasks and stress it might bring.
Arnold Z.
Both. Your dreams might unconsciously affect your mood. Meditation after rise up helps to be present and concentrate on today's plans. Meditation before sleep helps to relieve stress and prepares you for a good sleep.
Lucille T.
As for me, meditation both before and after sleep is great! But I have a lot more time befor bed to meditate, to think about everything i done during the day, to think about future, listen to my body and just feel relaxed! My soul feels like a newborn! But I would like to try morning (right after bed) meditation so i can plan my day, motivate myself and feel thus happiness in my soul all day long! 🙂
Any N.
After rise up. It helps to start the day more energetic, or calm, or compassionate… depending on what meditation is helping you for, yo can take advantage of it throughout the day.
Rade N.
Both. They will enhance each other. They will also serve as two watchtowers through which you'll be able to assess how the day went and what you can do to grow.
Dorien N.
Right after wake up. It starts your day quietly and gives you the opportunity to set a mindset for the day that comes. You can choose to be feel happy, free, quiet, loving, ..