How much should one meditate per day for progress?

Theo P.
I’d say the most skillful approach is to make a plan to meditate just as much as you would like to but also doesn’t stress you out thinking about as a commitment, for example, if you feel really busy, maybe just commit to five or 10 minutes a day. Maybe even 10 minutes feels like a lot, so just go with five. Like lots of habits here in fabulous, I think the best way to really make it consistent habit is to start with consistency first, so whatever allows you to build up consistency it’s important. Personally, I enjoy meditating, so if I sit down for five minutes, after five minutes are usually want to do more anyway, if I don’t have time to, then I’ll get back to whatever I was doing, but if I would do you have time, I can just meditate for longer. In the long run I think something like this is pretty sustainable. (dictated so probably plenty of spelling mistakes)
Bradley C.
Try going for just 5 minutes at first and then go from there. It’s better to increase in small increments as well so it’s more attainable and realistic. Personally, 10 or 15 minutes a day is perfect and fits into my schedule. No matter how long you do it for you can always get better and focusing your mind and living in the present.
Louane O.
I started using guided meditation for at least 5 minutes every day to gain the habit , 2 years ago . Now a days , I just put a background sound or zen music and meditate For at least 20 minutes. In average 20 to 30 minutes from Monday to Friday . I do tiny quick ones ( 3 minutes ) on the weekends.
Emile F.
First start with a 3 minutes mediation and after a couple of days gradually increase the time to 5 minutes, then 7 minutes and so on.
Roslynn H.
Do you think that meditating can be harmful if someone needs to “get out of there head” rather than go deeper inside as meditation usually does?
Chance O.
I would start with just five minutes and build up from there. When you can do five minutes really well and stay focused then it's time to increase the time.
Ares G N.
I really don’t know. For me, 10 minutes a day works. Sometimes I stop and meditate during the day if I am stressed and most days I also medidate before sleep because it helps me get better sleep. What I am certain of is that meditation works wonders for oneself!