Is there a trick to meditating with out falling asleep?

Olivia N.
For me the trick to meditating without falling asleep is making sure I’m sitting up maybe without some sort of back rest so I have to be more activated. Although falling asleep while meditating isn’t necessarily bad because you’ve quieted your mind and relaxed
Robin X.
No tricks. If you fall asleep then that’s what your body needed. It’s like getting new muscles from working out. The more you work at it the stringer it gets. The beautiful thing about meditation is that every day you start with a clean slate. If you fell asleep yesterday, you get to start anew again today!
Nadia N.
I just concentrate on my breathing. And feel of my stomach going in and out inhale exhale the whole time. I get really relaxed but I dont fall asleep.
Chloe E.
If you're not trying to sleep, I'd suggest relaxing but focusing on being alert, paying attention to every little thing and accepting it without judging it. Basically, focus on how it feels to be alive. 🙂
Juhi X.
Yes there is. While meditating keep your full concentration on your breathing or listen and try recognise the sounds in the environment, both of these methods will help you not fall asleep.
Glen Z.
Are you sitting? Or lying down?

If you are sitting, you can try alternative sitting positions or simply stand.

You could also try doing a very simple yoga flow. Something like cat-cows to downward dog & cobra. Or even just repeating sun salutations. Focus on matching the movements to the breath. Breathing out when contracting and breathing in on expansion. Treat it like a moving meditation.

Diana P.
If you meditate laying down it will probably be easier to relax so deep making it easy to fall asleep if you don’t want to fall asleep try to meditate in a seat down position it will help you to stay up and it is easy to meditate longer. Namaste🙏🏻💕✨.