How many times a day do you meditate and why?

Positive T.
Because I like, I meditate everyday, because it turns to habit and I feel more organized, and happy, and relaxed when I meditate
Perry J.
Usually twice per day, once i wake up i do a breather to get my focus and blood flowing, and mid day i meditate outside in nature again with a smiling face "and smiling liver" to attract all the positivity i can find around and continue my day right.
Khadija R.
Once or twice a day meditation is the best thing you can do in the afternoon clearing your mind from all the stress and work so you can finish the day with a smile on your face
Manoelle Q.
One time a day, as soon as I wake up. So I can feel calm and empty to start the day. Soon the noise of the day will rise, but my inner peace still remains as I logged it in my deeper self.
Edith N.
I like to meditate 1-2 time per day. Once in the morning to start off the day we’ll and then at the end of the day to relax and destress as well as ground my self after a busy day