What am I supposed to do with my hands when meditating?

Erwan E.
Whatever works for you! I’m particularly restless, so sitting stock still just isn’t realistic for me. Sit in a position that’s comfortable and relax your hands. If you end up moving them a bit that’s perfectly fine
Olivia Z.
Do whatever feels comfortable and natural. Something that isn’t distracting hopefully. I either just place them on my stomach (laying down) or on my knees (sitting cross-legged), or interlock my fingers and hold my own hand (if you know what I’m talking about) and then place it in my lap.
Ed X.
Well you can place them (palms up or down) on your knees or you can hold them together. As long as you are comfortable and that they’re not interrupting you’re meditation state of mind. Also, if you want you can press them together at the level of your chess, it can help you center your energy.
Kayla T.
You only thouch the thumb with the first finger..and let the other three open and relaxed.You can watch on google for yoga posture fingers and for sure you will find one that suits you.It is important to open your energy and that is when you stay in a relaxed position.:)I hope I was helpful.Bless you
John X.
Choose a position at the beginning of each meditation and stick with it, sometimes i like to leave them in a specific position, others I just leave them hanging, as longs as you try to keep still.
Ben Q.
You can rest them on your lap, or table or chair or join them together or rest them on top of another. Whatever feels comfortable and good.
Katrina W.
Truth be told, the best thing tk do with your hands is to do what is most comfortable for you and will help you focus on meditating. I like putting my hands to my heart/chest when j meditate laying down and I like putting my hand palm open on my lap when I'm meditating sitting
Alice I.
Sometimes es good to lace your fingers, but it’s also a good action to put your hands beside you, so you can touch the surface where you are sitting during your meditation, in that way you can sense every vibration be it of sounds, movements… that makes you feel connected to the earth, making your meditation more comfortable in some cases…