Does anyone else find it hard to breathe long breaths? I breathe shallow and it makes it hard to meditate in classes cause the breaths are so long.

Courtney T.
I sometimes struggle with focusing on the action of breathing and that can make me feel as though i am breathing to slowly. But if i focus on the sensation of my breath, in my nose and stomach, i find that it becomes more natural
Norman F.
I breathe as long as I can comfortably, even if it’s not as long as they want. I just do the best as I can and am happy with the result.
Caroline W.
When I meditate I just try and breathe naturally. Meditation isn’t about controlling your breath OR changing it – Meditation is about paying attention to the breath…keeping your attention on the breath and feeling it in your body. Try a meditation app the 10% happier and see how you do with those meditations. Good luck!
Isabella C.
Yes, espically breathing in! Breathing through my belly helps and also the ouija breath (breathing with a bit of sound).
Diane W.
Take slow deep breaths and let your belly expand and release and how you can feel that is place your hands on your belly and feel it move while you breathe. Pay attention to the breath going in and out.
Liam Y.
I think the point for long breath is to get us calm and relax. My opinion, if the breath is not as long as the instruction, but can get the calm and relax, then the shallow breath also serves you right.
Jared Z.
I am like you concerning the breathing. I have found several methods that help me relax into the setting without comparing myself to other’s abilities. I accept what is available to me and I no longer feel anxiety about being different. I can still find calm and peace when I take two or three respiration’s to their one extended breath. It is a marvelous opportunity to let go of self judgement and love and accept yourself just as you are unconditionally.
Kristen P.
I also really struggle with this. I wouldn't worry to much about what others are doing. Dont force a breath that makes you uncomfortable for others, just focus on what makes you happy and comfortable and do that.
Victoria E.
Try breathing with your stomach, like your abdomen is a glass and you're filling it from the bottom up slowly. This is how musicians get deep enough breaths to play for measures at a time, but they usually do it quickly instead of slowly.
Nenrode Z.
I don’t find it that hard, but I find that short breathes can mean even deeper mediation. When my breaths are shorter and more natural I feel like I have a better mindfulness aesy
Edwin E.
I used to have the hardest time pulling off the deep breaths that some meditation programs require. The way that worked for me to get comfortable with them was practice.

I basically set aside 3-5 minute chunks of time where I would breath a bid deeper than I was comfortable doing. Then I'd hold the breath in for a count of 5 and exhale slowly. Hold it for 5 again and then inhale slowly and a bit deeper than I felt comfortable with again. After a couple of weeks deep breathing should be easier during meditations. Hope this helps!

Tobias N.
It takes work to drop that diaphragm down so that you do get a deeper breath! One thing I do to get those deeper breaths is to lay on my left side if I’m in bed which is also better for digestion. I also pull my shoulders back and tilt my pelvis forward to be more erect and get a deeper breath when I’m awake and walking around.
Juli O N.
I sometimes find it hard! I believe it's something that takes practice, though. It's taken me some time to be able to do it!