When is the perfect time to Meditate? What to do if I’m trying to Meditate and my mind still wanders?

Gil Z.
For meditation there is no perfect time. Mornings are good for meditation. But if you are feeling stressed, in anxiety,i find that meditating helps to resolve conflict in your mind, and be more clear of your thoughts. Once a day,whenever you find a time, go to a peaceful place, and give your thoughts some time. It helps.
Debbie C.
It is best to meditate in the morning. Do not look at your phone before the meditation unless you have an meditation app, only use that in order to keep your mind focused. Your meditation is perfect as it is. Accept what is and gently focus on your breath when your mind wanders.
Virgil C.
I find the perfect time to be after a relaxing shower when I am most relaxed! It is totally normal if your mind is wondering but you have to concentrate on the voice that guides you, believe at first I didn't think that this was a good idea but when I tried it the first times I started concentrating easily to the voice and I started helping myself! So do your best to be aware of your surroundings how your body is feeling and by that time you will be able to catch your thoughts upon the meditation and also to yourself.
Patsy E.
I like to meditate formally in the morning and do little 30 second to 3min throughout the day it helps destress especially when at work.

It’s natural for your Ming to wander mine does too. The important thing is don’t get upset with yourself. When you realize you have wandered take a deep breath acknowledging it was okay and then go back to what you were focused on before the thoughts came. Soon you will find it is easier to accept the wandering and it begins to happen less.

Frederik W.
Well, definitely forgive yourself and show yourself kindness for your wandering mind. Your brain is made to continue thinking about all sorts of different things, it’s only doing it’s job! It’s natural. But keep pushing forward and try to continue practicing. Any work, no matter how small, is progress. Even if you just try to meditate for a minute a day and go up from that, it is still enough. Keep pushing forward. I have always made sure to do meditation before noon. If I can, early in the morning, maybe around 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. But honestly, before noon is what I aim for. Best of luck to you and take care of yourself.
Lorraine C.
For me it has always been in the morning. The mind will always wander, when this happens just try to focus on the sensation of the breath. Pay attention to the inhale and exhale. If you can do this, you will enjoy more of your meditation. It seems simple and ineffective but when a thought pops up, give it a shot and see how it will fade once you focus on the breath.
Caroline U.
Your mind will naturally wander, and that's ok. Just try to gently re focus your mind when you notice it. Guided meditation can help. Also I tried meditating in the morning and it didn't work for me, but at night before bed is a game changer. Try some different times to see what works.
Faith P.
i meditate first thing in the morning. When my mind wanders, I acknowledge that it has and think this is thinking and return to my breathing and meditation.
Loane T.
I find mornings afternoon and before bed time the bedt times for meditation. Wandering off is totally normal and you can just gently bring yourself back to noticing your breath
Loni E.
I Meditate in the morning, when I wake up, and it really helps my focus..its OK if your mind wanders, just observe your thoughts and let go.
Frederikke Z.
Personally, I like to meditate when I start to feel stress. For example: if I were working on a project and I really think I need a break but I don’t want to lose focus, I just take a momentary breather.
Pauline E.
I try to meditate when before I shower and get the day started or before bed. If use a mantra to focus on when my mind wanders to get me back in track