How do you keep momentum on days you don’t feel well?

Kyndal T.
i normally take a break from eating and stretch for a while that way i can regain my thoughts. and sometimes i’ll even exercise to really get me pumped

William P.
In days when I don’t feel well – I take time to acknowledge the source of unwellness. I tell myself that, as with everything in life, this is also temporary and that it will come to pass. It’s not a test I haven’t done before. I also change my energy consumption to avoid lots of effort.

Whisper V.
One small thing may not seem "good enough" IF you're comparing it to when you're in a better state, but it's not nothing, you're not in that A-game state, and as long as it's not a full stop, keeping that stasis at bay IS enough. In order to nurture your best self into bloom, you do need to keep trying, but you also need to acknowledge that "trying" is contextual.

Antwan N.
Well, what I do is I don’t think about doing it, or better words, I think about my future self (exercising). I focus on my future body and how I want it. Sometimes I have to understand that, you’re doing this cause you really want something bad.