Is it bad if you fall asleep? I’m trying to be still, but sometimes I think that if I cut off my circulation that is not a good thing.

Julie O.
To reach a place in meditation where you feel relaxed, safe and calm enough to fall asleep is never a bad thing. Especially when daily life is so demanding and times of rest are often scarce. If your body needs sleep, let it. However, if you find this is happening every time you’re developing your meditation habit, maybe change up the scenery? Find a new environment that might keep you present and alert. Don’t overthink the moment, just notice all the things that are happening during that time! Hope that is helpful. You’re doing great 🙂

Tracy O.
There purpose of meditation is peace, clarity, and health. It is supposed to reduce anxiety, but you’re actually worrying about it. Smile at the irony, then consider what you want from your meditation. Do you want a clear mind and better sleep? Perhaps try combining deep, relaxing breaths with gentle stretches. Focus on the breath and give your mind permission to rest and let go of conscious thought. If you fall asleep then you’ve accomplished your goal.
If your goal is enlightenment, find a scripture or affirmation and say it over in your mind emphasizing a different word each time. It helps reveal different facets of that thought, and the repetition makes it part of your thinking’s dna.
If your goal is to learn to love your body and learn to work in harmony with it to promote health and healing I strongly recommend the meditation technique in the book Hear Your Body Whisper by Otakara Klettke. I found it to be unique and a game changer.
Truly, there is not a wrong way to meditate. Just relax and enjoy the process. It does not have to be perfect to be effective.

Albert U.
Cutting off your circulation is definitely not a good thing for a variety of reasons! Id ask you to consider the position that you meditate in. Are you sitting cross – legged? You should know that meditation can be done lying down, sitting in a chair or standing up! It really is whatever is comfortable for you. You can research potential meditation positions but given that you also mention falling asleep, I'd suggest meditating while sitting down. Sit in a comfortable chair with a back and place both legs on the floor. You can leave your hands clasped on your lap or supported on a cushion. This should enable you to meditate comfortably and to meet your time goal without sleeping. Meditation should never make you physically uncomfortable.

Oscar C.
Falling asleep while meditating may be a natural occurrence initially. It could be a result of deep relaxation, sleep deprivation, or fatigue. If you are in a comfortable chair or mat or bed, your circulation should be open and clear. You are right, cutting off your circulation is not good for your body, so make sure you are comfortable and there is no pressure on parts of your body that could contribute to blood flow impingement.

L On E.
It's not bad at all, it's because your body needs it. If you fall asleep it means your exhausted. Listen to your body. Try to change your schedule so you get some rest on time

Laurie Z.
In my opinion it is not bad fall asleep. In fact l guess you need some sleep or relaxing.. I think that if you don’t want fall asleep for something do it, before do meditation 10-20 min. When l did meditating after that my energy is increase for doing something

Heino Q.
I would think that if your body relaxes and falls asleep, it is following its own wisdom and you are wise to trust that. If you cut off your circulation, I suspect your body will wisely wake you and share discomfort so that you can adjust your position and return to full oxygenation.

Elias W.
Falling asleep on the couch or in a chair may be a indicator of the need for rest, more or better sleep. However, limbs and body parts "falling asleep" could be an indication of some medical problem. One should see a physician right away.