Do you really benefit from meditation?

Jesse C.
1,000,000%, I can’t imagine my life without meditation anymore. It’s sad how my phones instinct is to autocorrect to medication because I wish more people would see the word meditation before medication. I have even started nightly meditation whilst I’m sleeping. Love meditation… it’s a mind vacation 😍

Th Odore E.
it really helps to just slow down and be more aware of the things around us. in today's world where everything spins so fast and our minds are constantly filled with many fleeting thoughts, taking a few minutes out of each day to be mindfully present and in the moment has really helped me to reorganize my thoughts and feel less stressed. consistency is key, and doing a little every day will yield results. the benefit is visible, and even if no results are seen now, keep doing it! i believe in you♡

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Ann P.
Yes! I try to meditate as much as I can every day, but especially if I'm feeling over anxious or if I'm feeling a panic attack come on. I like to meditate with prayer as well. I hope this helps.

Marin U.
Yes! Meditation has helped lower my heart rate and helped me worry much less. I am more present in life and enjoy the moment more often. It is much easier for me not to dwell on negative thoughts, and instead shift my focus.

Liliane Z.
Yes, and the long term benefits are even better than the short term ones! With practice you may bring a certain calm and awareness to your mind, as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Magali Q.
What is meditation? The act of doing it is in itself the only thing there is. Anything can be meditation. There are various moving meditations. Figure it out

Lionel F.
I benefit extremely from mindfulness meditation! It feels like it helps me in multiple aspects of my emotions and my temper. It also helps with my stoic practice, it also helps me feel invigorated and less stressed/anxious.

Caleb N.
Yes, I really do. I started off reading Headspace by Andy Puddicombe, and have now been using his mobile application for a couple of years. It helped me step by step into meditation. Needless to says some days are better, some weeks and months are better than others, but that is the nature of a constant change 🙂. I am
Currently using the “mindful eating” pack – and am hoping to get the book soon too.
Enjoy your journey.

Livia E.
Absolutely. Ive been meditating off and on for a few years. The best thing is that you never lose the benefits from your work no matter the length of the breaks you take. Through meditation ive been able to identify the thoughts that were keeping me from finding happiness in my every day life. Every meditation is different. Approach it with an open mind and an open heart. Listen to what comes up, feel it, and let it go. Its not easy when you start, but it does get easier.

Curtis T.
Last couple of months not really, because I hardly relax, but before it helped me a lot for better concentration and I just need some time to calm my mind so I start meditate like I used to.

Felicia Z.
I do! If nothing else, focusing on my breathing allows my body to relax, which in turn helps me relax. It’s a way to “reboot” my computer, and I always feel like I have more clarity—and sometimes even feel inspired. It’s one of those things that you get out of it what you put into it.

Phoebe F.
It's not always an immediate thing. Sometimes I feel really grounded and connected to my truest self after a meditation, and sometimes I feel like I can just tick another box on the to do list but that's it. I think it's really more about the long term skill of sitting in silence, of not rubbing away with each thought or feeling, of not being hijacked and being able to look at everything around us with our most wise and grounded selves on board to respond.

Matteo C.
Yes. After a few weeks of doing it I started to notice subtle differences. Like feeling calmer, more focused, more centered, and less anxious or worried about things.

Elsie F.
Yes, incredibly. It might be helpful to learn about the mental concepts used in meditation, to understand what it’s about and what it really is. Headspace and Waking Up are great apps to get the theory behind the practice