I’ve been meditating for more than two months but nothing is changing, is that a normal thing?

Mehraj Q.
It’s about to change. But you didn’t start this for a reward, did you? Meditation everyday is a journey. It’s not a gym schedule. Never measure it.

That said you must know if you are doing it the right way or not. And you will know it in time.

Glen Z.
There aren’t many types of meditation and some teachers’ instruction will work better for you than others. I suggest the Waking App app by Sam Harris.
Ilgin N.
Hey! First off, everything’s cool so don’t you worry. I don’t know why but meditating has helped me a lot althought it’s just been 6 days or so. It does not have to work but notice how it helps to
not let you down towards yourself. It helps because you do something every day for 2 months to show yourself that you really want a change. There’s a saying in meditation: meditation is not about closing your eyes, concentrating, and sitting straight for minutes. It’s about getting distracted and being able to return to your aim. Take a deep breath and list your goals. Don’t you think you get closer every time?