Do you have any tips for meditating on the go?

Shari O.
I just pop in my ear Buds and listen. If I'm in my office I close my eyes and breath. If I'm truly on the go, I still still.
Jennifer C.
I am currently still trying to learn that myself. U do like the 3 minute guided meditation and the 1 minute breathing exercises on my mind space app
Bella W.
Take time to breathe, you may not be able to fully meditate depending on the situation. Just breathe, it's good for on-the-go meditation.
Efrosini P.
Well you can find meditation audios online and just while you do your morning routine or while eating or doing literally anything you can do your meditation . Is nice to also light a candle or some essential oils are helpful for relaxing but apart from that you can also write down your meditation and read it first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep .
Dave J.
There is a great book called the one minute moment. But without reading that, just be aware of your racing monkey mind in quieter times, like driving, and attempt to just watch those thoughts come and go. Don't attach to any of them just know that that is what your mind does.. Awareness.