Do you experience days in which you don’t have a “successful” meditation session? Where your thoughts are just too overwhelming and racing at the speed of light that you can’t seem to slow them down?

Nicola J.
Absolutely and today was one. I was rushing the chimes to finish and thinking of my to do list . I hope that as time goes on my concentration levels will get easier. I have a rice bag that I will place on my eyes tomorrow.
Ivana J.
It happens, sometimes I cannot focus very well and as a result I feel like the meditation didn’t really have a full effect on me. In addition, if I lack focus, I would definitely feel like my heart is racing at the speed of light
Mariem E.
For me I'm just trying to make my thoughts more clear and better and I'm trying to slow them down and for some days I feel good and others don't
Kymberley C.
Yes it's why I've always thought I couldn't be hypnotized. My mind races with thoughts constantly, the noise is overwhelming at times and usually negative self talk that leads to more shame and discomfort. Practicing radical acceptance has helped me recently even though it was 3 years ago I took the class. Now I just redirect and chant. How Nimh Yo. From this moment on, no matter how many times I need to redirect.