Which is a better way of meditation. Silent one or chanting some religious words like Om or reciting a mantra or likewise?

Charles P.
I find a silent meditation more rewarding because I can concentrate better on my anchor. But in the end, I think as long you have something strong to focus your attention on it should work.

Soham Q.
Chanting or mantra helps me focus on something when my mind starts to wander. I like mantras or guided meditation because my head is so busy I need to focus on something

Simon N.
I enjoy using isochronic tones for meditation. I find one that fits what I need in that moment on YouTube, and if the track is longer than what I'll be meditating for I just set a timer.

Maja P.
I prefer silent ones, but you need to find what works best for you.

Bill T.
If you're just starting out, try a gently guided meditation with some relaxing music. There's one piece of music I play before I meditate each time to get me mentally ready. As you get more used to meditation, I find silence or a gentle musical piece is what I prefer. Something that lets me really focus on the sounds around me without being too distracting.

Mathilde Z.
It depends on who you are as a person. I personally just prefer a slient one.

Altamira C.
What ever you prefer. I love to meditate with crickets in the background. Or completely silent. Also depends on who you are, like is you need a white noise machine to sleep or it have to be silent with your fan. So just try different was and see which one you can do for a longer time or which one you feel more comfortable with.

Eust Quio S.
Personally, I tend to do simple silent meditations with a gentle toned timer. I focus on my breathe and try to let thoughts and feelings float in and out without engaging to much. When I find myself puzzling or planning I return to my breath. Sometimes though I like guides meditiations such as a Loving kindness meditation or ones that focus on particular topics. I do use mantras occasionally, but that is the rarest form of meditation for me.

Sara G.
I've done both but tend to focus on my breath. Breathing in, breathing out. I do that silently. Occasionally, I use a mantra but say it silently to myself. Work out your own method. Whatever works for you. Chanting aloud works for some, silent meditation for others.

Joshua T.
Silent one, as you can hear your thoughts and also you can control them as well. A silent mediation helps your mind quite itself.

Maya J.
I like silence instead of chanting… sometimes I use a guided meditation tape

Nick E.
Neither is better. They have different purposes. Sitting in silence is a good skill to allow in your thoughts not judge but thank let go and breathe. Sound and mantra can help if u find silence difficult but also the chant vibration can have positive effects on the physical body.

Michelle X.
I think it depends on two things: 1) how long you've been meditating and 2) if you need words or sounds to center yourself. Usually, I wouldn't suggest a fledgling at meditation chant. It can be a little distracting at first. Simply learn and practice how best to sit, breathe, and focus your mind. Then add a chant if needed. Or be silent. Any way your meditate, it will likely be helpful to your mental and physical health, which is always a good thing.

Georgia Y.
This may be different for every person. Some people may not have the energy or can’t be bothered making chanting sounds while they meditate. Some people may find silence more relaxing. On the other hand, chanting may create more focus on your meditation because you are making a repetitive sound. It gives your mind less space to become distracted by other thoughts.

Carolyn U.
… better depends on the person as well as circumstance. Silence is good for me when I sit in honor of someone . Guided meditation and chants are good for calming myself