How has meditation improved or changed you?

Susie T.
I have been meditating for more than a year and it has made me a more aware person. It’s like having a fresh pair of eyes.
Justine C.
Meditation has improved me because it gets me ready for my morning. I recommend not doing it at night because for some reason it wakes me up. Good luck!
Jeremiah E.
It’s helping me in many ways:
– focusing on here and now – dissolving my anxieties
– deeply relaxing my body and sleeping better (I meditate before sleeping)
– giving me a sense of true care/love for myself
Tim F.
I handle stress so much better. Things that would bother me or offend me barely do now or don’t at all. I’m better at listening and better at viewing my negativity without reacting. It somehow makes me feel not so negative. And I forgive myself a lot more easily. And I sleep better.
Jeremy B.
I meditate just before going to bed. It really helps me to rest properly. Taking the time to forget about the world and stop thinking for a few minutes is the best for a good night sleep
Rosa A.
It has helped me be more present in the present, and it given me the ability to relax my mind and body in a stressful situation.
Ian G.
By resisting all the not present thoughts, I feel I can have more moments observing the real world, not the world in my mind. That has been long since last time I had observed the moving leaves and think they are so touching
Paige E.
I feel calmer and lighter a lot of the time. It’s become an outlet for stress. It’s helped me feel better in silence. I’m able to generate positive thoughts much more often instead of negative ones. It makes me feel good inside.
Audete Z.
I really like more guided meditation from fabolous, because make me think about myself. I feel that I again slowly feel from day to day life energy.
Principiano E.
Meditation, over time, allows me to feel more focused and clear minded. Sometimes it even gives me a boost or energy if I do an inspiring guided meditation in the morning.
Florence G.
It helps me get sleep rapidly, but I think I am not constant enough as to feel the benefits yet… I am starting to enjoy it and think of doing it more often, but for the moment that’s all.
Rosimara Q.
meditation has made me more patient, present, focused, and relaxed in my day-to-day life as well as my relationships with others.
Lukas O.
I think meditation has made me more aware of myself. Instead of instantly reacting to my instincts I can take stock of my feelings and reactions to choose an appropriate response. It's separated me from my feelings and made me wiser.