Isn’t meditation pointless?

Lewis Z.
mediation is not pointless because it helps to come to rest with your thoughts and mind and let’s you relive tension and stress that is stored within you
Oxana N.
No, I don't think so. It's an opportunity to reconnect with how you're feeling. And to give yourself a breather from that 'washing machine head'.
Aguinaldo N.
I wouldn't say that is pointless. For my perspective, it's more calming and unique. People meditate in their own way, thinking about their own thoughts. It can be compared to journaling, but mentally. Everyone have a different path in this journey even if the theory is the same.
Cl Mence Y.
It's not pointless
It helps me alot to calm myself down and helps me sleep better there are alot of topics you can just go through what you like
Meditation is never pointless
August P.
It may seem like meditation is pointless but for me, it has been extremely valuable. I am not good at being alone or being quiet. Meditating has made me more comfortable slowing down and my wife has noticed that my con ection with her and the kids is much better and that I have a lot fewer days where I feel down or depressed.
Shalini U.
I’ve found that on days I meditate I’ve been able to focus on work a lot more. So I wouldn’t call it pointless at any time.
Isabella P.
Meditation is necessary, we live in a world in what we don't even know how to breath, we live in automatic pilot. Meditating allow us to be more conscious of all our actions, bring us health, wellbeing and success. I practice Isha Yoga is spectacular.
Sofie G.
I don’t think it is, but I do know that meditation doesn’t work for everyone. But just because you don’t respond to it doesn’t make it pointless. I helps to calm me, and therefore has a point.
Madison U.
No I guess it has the use to connect to your freedom and some time to relax. It is like a brainwash but positively and not that strong.So you can listen to the person who tells you to feel your breath and relax or something or you can stop. A brainwash won’t allow this. They force you to believe.
Beatriz N.
Definitely not. To meditate is to turn off from the outside and listen to yourself, feel yourself and let go of worries and stress.
You can meditate while cooking, jogging, painting, walking in Nature, basically by doing anything you love.
Amanda P.
Meditation reprograms your Brain and helps you deal better with everyday stressors. It's changed my life. Key is consistency
Mitchell W.
No, it has many advantages. Meditation makes me relax, relieves stress, and lessens my depressed thoughts. It also makes me more positive and compassionate towards others. Overall, it’s a beneficial habit because it fills me with gratitude, raises my self-esteem, and creates inner peace.
Thea Q.
Meditation gives you time to reflect, relax, and have a much better point of view on life. It makes you think about where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you want to do, and how you’re going to do it.
Mia S.
Of course not! Meditation allows a deeper understanding of one's emotions and surroundings. This reduces stress and declutters the mind, reminding you of everything you do and don't have control of. It's a great way to self improve and reflect on your own actions as well.
Shuntoria S.
Never, meditation is your time to refresh and let go of all the stress of the day. I use it for morning to refresh and night to relax
Lola G.
Meditation is not pointless it allows us to quiet the mind and the noisy world around us when things are very hectic for you
Kate N.
In the beginning, meditation can feel difficult — the mind wanders to the past and future — focusing on the breath can feel too simplistic as a way to stay present. Because everyone has a lot to do every day, taking time to focus on breathing for 5, 10, 15 minutes or more can feel like adding another task to a full to-do list. The proven benefits of meditation seem unjustified against the daily pressure to accomplish goals. That’s why meditation can feel pointless. It is every bit as pointless as brushing one’s teeth and bathing — surely there are more productive uses of one’s time. The is example is meant to illustrate the value of adding meditation to a healthy lifestyle whether the point is apparent or not.
Cameron C.
Absolutely not. Being still with your mind is such a powerful tool to building self-confidence and to appreciate time with the most important person in your life – YOU!
Dwight E.
To be very honest I used to think “what is the point to meditation?” But now that I have tried it at the start of the day I have found it makes me more relaxed and ready for anything to come in the day. It lets me plan and look back and what I might still need to do and it clears my mind.
Mille B.
Meditation gives me the ability to sit down and reflect on how I feel and take a moment to breathe and really think about how my body feels and how my mind feels most importantly, Often times I rushed through my day trying to get everything done and don’t have a moment to take a deep breath but with meditation it’s a dedicated time for me to stop and check on myself and reflect on how the day went or how I want the day to go, to be honest when I first started doing meditation I also thought it was pointless and couldn’t understand why anybody would do it but I decided to give it a chance just once and it genuinely changed the way I looked at life it made me remember that I also need to care for myself and I need to take a moment and make sure I’m OK and take a moment to breathe most importantly and that living in the moment is just as important
Haru N.
I wouldn't say that. For me personally it really helps me to just relax. To focus only on my breath and let everything else just behind for a few moments. Also for me personally the feeling of meditating is very refreshing and helps me go on with my day and make me feel better! Meditation brings me a better mindset throughout the day to be more productive and less stressed. 🙂
Daniela C.
For me, meditation has changed my life, and only from a couple days! I don’t think that meditation is all pointless, because I have seen great things come out of meditation. Meditation helps save lives, and can help you get more in tune with your spiritual connection. I know it has for me! It has overall gave me a calmer feeling and slows down my day, and makes me feel better for the day to come! I truly think that meditation has a great impact on so many people, and if you want to try it, I really would recommend it.
Kasper Z.
Meditation definitely isn't pointless, u know, it helps u with ur mental health. It calms, u brings u happiness and positivity, helps u staying peacful. Amd the less u want to do it, the more it benefits u.
Jordan G.
meditation is very useful especially for those suffering from anxiety, stress, anger, depression is beneficial to everyone
Naomi T.
It isn't, it is like giving ur brain a break. Imagine 24×7 running, ur legs ache right? Just like that , ur brain needs a break too
Steffen Z.
Not at all. The point of mediation is to finally feel what it’s like to be human without all of the outside distractions and stimuli.
I hate to be bored and am frequently making up things to do when there isn’t something, but meditation is different from boredom. It makes me feel calm, even when you I’m still sad or angry. That kind of reset is good for both our physical and mental health.
Rita G.
I think meditation is actually very useful and important because it gives your mind a chance to really relax and focus on simple natural things such as breathing. It allows your mind to take a step back from worrying and stressing and just simply wonder then refocus.
Lauren U.
I don’t know really Know I even think I don’t know what meditation is but I won’t say it is pointless cause it can help to focus and for me to think I think😅
Manon T.
sometimes i fall into a headspace of thinking that, but i really do feel a difference when i meditate. it’s something that’s really hard for me as i’m very adhd and struggle with concentration, but i almost always feel better after and when i do it regularly feel much more grounded in general.
Maria X.
No actually meditation is good for the body and mind 😀. It helps one rearrange thoughts and make peace with oneself. Sometimes it that feeling of calm and serenity that we need to cope with stress, and not binge eating on those family pack size bag of chip. I help to improves your mood as well,which in turn keep you healthy have happy for a long time..Wow so much over 5 minutes of relaxing 😌.
Malo Q.
As long you have some time alone and music and stuff for your spiritual place in your home and the supplies etc and you can meditate and yes it has helped me out numoieous of times
Sheikh N.
I do feel it is sometimes. But at the same time, it by a miracke calms a part of me down. Even if for a moment, it makes my day better.
Yousra P.
No, I don't think so. When you meditate, you focus on your body. Most people don't do that often. You also appreciate your body. It doesn't matter if you ar fat or slim, long or schort, or something else. You just focus on your body and appreciate it.
Pamela O.
No, meditation is not pointless. I started meditation because I was really tired due to stress. There are many ways to meditate 🧘‍♀️. I listen to music led meditation and find controlled breathing is very helpful. I sleep better now and feel like I'm in control and not being controlled by my emotions. I hope you can find a way that works for you.
Steffi N.
That depends – are you putting pressure on meditation to do soemthing? It’s ok for it just to be time to yourself To stop and pause- it doesn’t have to do anything … but you might find after a few goes it leaves you feeling a bit more connected or calmer – or maybe not / try it!