How do you find time to meditate, and do all the other morning things (exercise, write in journal, breakfast etc.), and get to work!

Ethel Y.
I get up at 06.10 I have a 10 minute exercise routine in which I do affirmations at the same time. I spend 5 to 10 minutes writing in my journal that's now 06.30 have shower, get dressed, breakfast at 07.00 to 07.10 leave for work between 07.30 and 07.40

Vanessa X.
I view them as my most important tasks, therefore I would wake up earlier, say around 5 am, to ensure I have ample time to complete them everyday

Brooke J.
My answer is to just simply make time. Wake up earlier, plan the night before. Remember to take little steps and never give up. I'm a mum of 3 and I find the time for this. If I can do it, so can you.

Alvarim Q.
I try and prepare as much as I can the evening before (make breakfast in advance, make sure my bag is packed for work). I do a few of the morning activities during my commute, as I take a train, I aim to meditate, set up my to-do list and look at my calendar while on the train.

L Rke Y.
This is something that I'm still working on as well. First, I prefer to do my meditation in the evening, before I go to bed. I find that it helps can my restless mind, and I'm able to drift off to sleep a lot easier than before.

Other than that, I've been working on walking up earlier and earlier by setting my alarm clock to come on five minutes sooner each week. My goal is to get up an hour earlier than I'm used to after about three months of this.

Going to bed earlier would help with this, but I'm still struggling with that aspect. One thing I've found that helps tremendously was the purchase of some Phillips Hue "White Ambiance" or "Color and White Ambiance" bulbs and hub. It's a bit of an investment up front, but I've found it to be worth every penny. With these bulbs, you can set them to wake you up at a certain time by gradually coming on to a warm white light over a 30 minute period, replicating a sunrise. Then I set another routine for the bulbs in my bedroom to change from warm white to a bright white like the noon day sun over the next 30 minutes (after my alarm has gone off). With this in place, I always wake up feeling asleep and refreshed, and rarely hot the snooze button anymore.

I don't share a bedroom with anyone, so I have all the lights come on, but you could also do individual times for nightstand lamps if you do share a bed with a partner who walked up later than you.

Note that the cheaper "White" bulbs (vs "White Ambiance" are not as good for this as they only have a warm white setting. Still, they'd be better than nothing, and you can find a set of four bulbs and a hub for $100 (or $70 for two bulbs) vs $150 and $200 for the "White Ambiance" and "Color" bulbs, respectively.

Ernest S.
Waking up super early! I use the 5 second rule to get out of bed and start my day as relaxed as I need to and have that couple of hours before I leave the house. I'm more motivated to get out of bed than to sleep in because I know my day will go better if I make time for myself.

Lucas U.
I wake earlier than before.
I have a routine in the morning for the meditation, journal, reading, exercising (that's still a problem). But I feel better waking up earlier and doing these things.

Franz Peter X.
I don't. I usually choose what I really want to do the night before, and even then I am not a morning person so doing anything other than showering and filling my thermos with tea is an accomplishment right now. I am gradually moving from meditation to adding other things to my morning ritual, but it is a tough road. So in short, I guess slow and steady and with perseverance. Good luck!

Lucy Y.
It's pretty tough i know , but i try to wake up earlier than usual in order to get things done in time , also , i dont neglict prepare some stuff at night for the morning for example put what im going to wear in the morning by bed side and prepare all morning breakfast ingredients aside as well so i wont search for anything in the morning and I estimate time to get things done and i do them in parallel .

Gene J.
I don’t, I do it in the evening before bedtime to center myself and reflect on my day. I don’t like to feel rushed so I don’t do it in the morning.

Lohan T.
I have very short excercise session in the morning and I prefer meditation in the evening. With all the rest – waking up earlier seems to be the only answer.

Hans W.
I try to wake up earlier. Journal is also not a 10 page articles. It is a template journal where I log what i will focus on, what i would let go and what i am grateful for. Plus I can work from home:)

Johanne X.
I have been able to accomplish these tasks by completing them in the morning either before getting out of my bed or by completing them while I’m on my way to work. For example, some days I meditate while I’m in bed, then I weight myself and then I drink water. I haven’t been writing on my journal as much as I could as my mornings are pretty tight. I do however incorporate notes on my check list. This allows me to quickly reflect on the task. Sometimes I meditate on my way to work while I’m stuck in traffic. I find the meditation to be relaxing and somewhat soothing. It makes my commute be more enjoyable. I still don’t have a perfect morning routine but I’m proud of myself for being able to mark off all three tasks on my routine.

Not sure how I’m able to get to work on time, specially since I live in Los Angeles but somehow having this mini routine has allowed me to get up earlier. I now feel confident enough to incorporate a morning workout in my routine. Wish me luck!

Billie N.
I don't! I meditate in the shower under the running water where I'm not disturbed or in bed just before going to sleep. The latter is difficult if you have a partner.

Evandra N.
I try to allot about 5 minutes to meditation as soon as I wake up. I have a corner in my room dedicated to meditation, with a meditation cushion and motivational artwork on the wall. I recommend not doing the meditation in bed just so that you aren't tempted to go back to sleep. Five minutes is doable and will help you start the day in a mindful state, making your other morning tasks easier and less of a dreaded chore. You can also do 5 to 10 minutes of meditation before bed in the evening, again in your meditation corner. This will help clear your head and put you in a peaceful state for a good night's sleep. I use the app 'Headspace' as well as YouTube videos of meditation exercises, of which there is a wide variety. You can do it! Believe in yourself, you are awesome just as you are 😘

Ga L O.
First and most important, know why you're doing your morning ritual, know how the habits help you achieve what you want to achieve. If you're doing it just because Fabulous told you so: try not doing it and see what happens and use metrics to evaluate it objectively, if possible; or, if you just started doing it, keep in mind you're trying a new thing, after all if you want to change you need to try new things or change the way you do others. I've been perfecting and reflecting on my morning ritual for +2 years. Second, my job doesn't require me to be somewhere at a certain time, I just need to have some overlapping time with my coworkers. If you can afford to do it, try finding a job that fits your lifestyle. Third, even not having hard time requirements, I feel bad when I wake up too late, so I'm always tweaking my evening ritual to feel motivated to sleep early. That's the hardest part for me.

Apol Nio N.
Plan to wake up early and use a walk instead of driving so it let's me exercise as well as getting to work at the same time.

L Rke E.
Time management. Infact you cannot manage the time but you can manage the way you do things. It is not necessary that you have to do your workout in the morning if it's too tight a schedule. You can find time in the evening. Getting up early is the key here. And one of the most important thing is going to sleep on time such that you have 8 hours of sleep. Really really really important T.

Florence A.
You don't have to do it all in the morning. Choose the habits and times that suit you best. It's YOUR life. Do what's right for you when it's right for you.

Matteo Q.
I actually meditate in the evening to relax before going to bed. This way I can reflect on the day and have a non cluttered mind for going to sleep.