What’s preventing you from achieving your achieving your goals?

Anthony C.
Honestly, I think it has to do with the times that I have set these new habits up for. I need to set these habits up at the right time of the day and be consistent with accomplishing those habits at that time. Starting my day at the same time every morning will help. Which means I need to get up at 5 a.m. like I have been trying to every day. And then start my daily habit. I think this will help a great deal and sticking with my habits

Hugh U.
The school mostly, but also the fear of what people might think about my goals. The fear of judgment. Also, I'm too young to do most of the things I want to do. So time is also keeping me back.

Olanda E.
Being lazy and forgetful due to work and feeling tired after work. I still do some the things on the list but I forget to acknowledge it on the app itself.

Giuliana I.
I unintentionally assign equal importance to every task. I also want everything done now. By having that mindset, I become overwhelmed and unable to select any task in order to move forward.

Ilona F.
Some times I just get forgetful. I do not want to put the effort into thinking of an answer. It is not that I don'T WANT TO ACHIEVE . Baca use I do.

Liva C.
I feel like I have spikes of energy and then I don't follow through on various things I think are important to keep improving. Sometimes I over think things and get inside my own head and not follow through. I'm hoping I'll continue to be disciplined and keep forging ahead.

Deanna I.
I think the main reason not to achieve goals is not to have a clear image of the goal in the head. And this really makes my journey too long and boring at times. Once I have a clear image it's like that I already achieved 50% of my goal.

"Every inventor invents his product twice, first in his head and then in reality."

Alfredo E.
Not even time, financial resources and energy.

Sandra C.
Energy reserves and fear of failure – both in terms of being insignificant and not achieving and also not being able to support myself but mainly lack of energy.

Lily O.
Finding it difficult to maintain the rhythm of focusing on what is at hand. Trying and experimenting different methods of functioning to increase awareness.

Joy T.
I have the illusion that doping myself will help me do faster, where I actually degrade my body, brain, and mind. Worse, this illusion creates blindness on how to organize myself. I overextended because I don't want to see that I am killing myself long run.

Niilo F.
I am not getting my precharting done in time to get enough rest to have the energy and time to meditate.

Eliza J.
I lost energy some months ago. Everyday I had to make the decision to follow my plan, and the doubts were wasting my energy. I took a break, and I'm stuggling to restart building my habits.
Some of them were not lost. But I stopped meditating, exercising, and writing.

Ary Q.
Overthinking creates a lot of anxiety…. which in turns stop me from reaching my goal….it also make me loose the track of time leading to more anxiety

Ramona X.
Waking up early. For some reason, I can't seem to force myself to get up before 7:00am. I hope to change that as I continue on this journey.

Eric O.
I really think that what's preventing me from achieving my goals is procrastination and priority setting. I've done pretty well when it comes to my nightly routine. Some of it feels like it's a chore instead of a beneficial task. Perhaps scaling back would be more beneficial. I don't have as much time as I have had in the past to decompress and relax from the day. Because of this I feel rushed when I get home to get things started like dinner, shower, and whatever else.

Peyton T.
Lack of focus. It's a continuous challenge for my ADHD brain. I become so overwhelmed by what "needs" to be done. Overwhelmed, I end up doing nothing. That creates a negative self talk feedback loop/self fulfilling prophecy. Here is where I get stuck. Lack of focus, overwhelmed, nothing done, negative self talk, rinse and repeat.

Alexander M.
Maybe it's my own lack of commitment. Maybe somehow it's a failure to embrace my ever changing schedule. Then again, failure to plan is planning to fail, and I can't seem to talk myself into planning out my day ahead of time. Maybe that's something that I need to add to my evening routine. A look ahead.

Jimmy F.
Not being able to prioritise the things I need to do.

Afonso A.
Not having focus when I'm working and I can't continue working on the same project, on one goal, for months or years because my inner critic decreases my energy. Even when I remind myself that why I've started I need other people approval to make sure that I'm doing okay and I can do the job and I need that to remind me that what I'm doing is valuable. I can't manage my sleeping time.

Mathis O.
When I am getting sad and lonely, It comes to my mind, I did all of this to become but look at me and I am not happy, and my mind concludes these tasks to achieve my goals are not helpful and effective, so screw them