Do you meditate when you wake up? Or do you prefer to do it at another time?

Herman Z.
I make it the last thing I do before I go to bed. It helps me focus my mind so I fall asleep faster because my mind isn’t racing over a million things. In the morning, I’m well rested and able to get off to a good start.
Sergio Q.
I prefer the morning, iT helpt me to prepare the day. Sometimes in the evening when I come home after work. But when I do it before I go to bed I fall asleep during meditation
Ruben O.
I prefer to meditate at night. It allows me to get to sleep easier. Usually, when I wake up, I want as much energy as possible.
Aaron W.
Meditation Masters say is better when you wake up as long as you are completely rested. You can also meditate other time that works for you.

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Eug Nia Q.
It depends on how I am feeling. On days that I work, I usually don’t meditate before work but usually do after. I also meditate before I go to sleep. It helps me calm down and get my body and mind to quiet down.
Ella N.
I find I enjoy it so much that I plan 2 times. After my yoga in am, and at night before bed. I like both times, I think I need them.
Charlie F.
I exercise in the morning st the moment, so there isn’t time to meditate then as well, as I have to fit the exercise in before the kids wake up. Also, I am very sluggish in the morning and I think exercise is the energy boost I need. So, instead, I have been meditating after I have 2/3 kids in bed at about 8:00 pm. It helps me calm down after a hectic day, giving my body a signal that it’s time to unwind and relax.
Bertram Z.
Whenever you can, whatever works best for you. I typically meditate at night since waking up early is difficult. As you progress you’ll increasingly find yourself meditating wherever , whenever, especially in unlikely scenarios. This tactic helps one deepen their practice to include more “ real world” type experiences
Joseph U.
Mostly i do it nights because i live with my family (mother and two brothers) and in day they always make noises so a night time meditation works good for me. But sometimes i feel awful and i need to relax then i meditate whenever time it is.
Walfried X.
Although I am still a beginner, I prefer to meditate before I go to bed rather than in the morning. Meditation before sleeping prepared my mind and body for a peaceful, restful sleep. Morning meditation, in my opinion, makes a person more tired. At least, this is this is the outcome for me. I have downloaded Reverie and it has really helped me learn how to meditate and the calming voice of the instructor just makes it all the more worthwhile. I appreciate all that Fabulous has to offer and I plan to stick with it for as long as possible. Thanks!🤗🤗
Louis P.
I meditate any time of the day. I usually will do it at night when I am laying down in my bed but I can meditate anytime whenever I want to.