Some times is difficult to keep the focus due to thinking distractions, my question is if there is a way o technique to eliminate those distractions such as work pending or family topics, etc.??

Aline J.
I think the point is to acknowledge and accept that those thoughts will come, with your permission or not. It is how the mind operates. The more you resist thoughts the stronger they become. I woikd suggest allowing the thoughts to come through and take moments to allow yourself to bring your focus back to your body, following your breath as it travels through. I think less resistance if those incoming thoughts will make them less persistent. Instead let them come. And take moments to bring your self back and follow your meditation instructions.
Ma Lys O.
Yes, all you need to do is find a quiet room where no one can bother you and spend at least 1 hour by yourself. I meditate or read but you could paint do business if that relaxes you.
Flavie E.
My technique in eliminating distraction is hiking and working out! I’m best ideas come from that time when I’m doing such actives
Oktavia X.
If there’s something that gaining your mind. Write it all down. And finish it rn as soon as you can. No need postponement. Because once you make a postponement on your task, it will allows you to do it again and again. So if you finish it, you can focus on the now.
Taexbae N.
One thing I noticed that helped is removing yourself from environments that cause you to think about these kind of things. Taking away cues that cause you to start thinking about those things. For me it’s my phone that causes me to think about things like work, family distractions, etc.
For my deep work phase I turn my phone off and put it up and it gives me full focus to go into my deep work phase.
Ashley A.
Yes, getting things done one by one and not feeling so overwhelmed. I think then I wouldn’t jump to thoughts of unfinished business.