What is the best way you’ve found to block out thoughts while you’re meditating? I seem to keep going down the rabbit hole.

Maya Y.
What works for me is to cut though and focus on my breathing i just keep doing that and slowly it will start getting easier need to just break the habit and respecting that it will take a bit of time but it will get better
Wayne B.
Concentrate on the breathe and tell yourself breathing in breathing in etc…. Then holding holding and breathing out breathing out. Then I try to space out the time I say this until I'm only saying it at the start and end of the breathe. Don't worry I get distracted also
Pauline E.
Body scanning or trying to feel as if some 'magic' energy is flowing in your veins back and forth? And also, visualizing a river of thoughts: they come, they drift away. Don't be quick to judge: nobody can focus 100%. Accept the random thoughts, and then let them go. Also, if some thoughts show up really frequently, this may mean that there's some issues behind. Take the opportunity to explore! This is a journey, not some scored work!
Ilan Q.
You don’t block thoughts. When you realize you’ve been thinking, just note ‘thinking’ with no judgment, then begin again. It’s that moment of realization that is the practice.
Qu Li S.
Let the thoughts flow allow your mind to think them but do not dwell. Think of meditating as filing your thoughts into categories to be discussed and dealt with later. Meditation is like clearing your inbox and dorting emails to be dealt with later. Just allow your mind to think the thoughts then settle on having them sorted out later. Meditation is a means of clearing your head for better flow and quality of life.
Isaac Y.
Sit in front of a wall of solid color that without any image of distraction. Place the cell phone in another room or turn off any other electronic distraction, turn on relaxing music, breathe and exhale. Try to empty your mind by concentrating on the sound around you. Every time you have a thought, interrupt and return to the sound around you and consecutively, little by little you will succeed.