How do you prepare yourself for your meditation time?

Debra Z.
I like to meditate first thing in the morning or last at night. It helps for me to get rid of all distractions like noise and light and I like to lie down to meditate.
Sayuri Y.
burn a insense stick or turn my aroma diffuser on. have a dedicated meditation spot ready with a cushion and dim the lights
Tilmann S.
It's hard. I take space in the office or in the couch.bindont feel I deserve the space. The to-do lists and stressors are so loud and so physical. I repeat: you deserve space, you deserve time. I breathe, tune in again make unconscious but softening accomodations….rinse and repeat. I do feel more peaceful and more in control. I'm happy to be made aware of where I hold my tension and pain. It is useful and I deserve helpful, restful habits.
Najee O.
It depends on what time of meditation. What I like to do is to do remember something to where my heart is filled with love and add that to energy healing then lye down and let the energy move around on its own (it feels like a bee hive is bekng build around me) after the energy exercise
Luke Q.
I just take care of my responsibilities so that nothing will physically interrupt me, such as my children being fed and whatnot. If I can knock yep birds with one stone I do it, like combining it with my exercise routine. For example walking the dog up the hill and then meditating when I get up to the top.