How did you learn to sit comfortably? I am really squirmy.

Alfredo T.
It takes practice but the best way is to use the squirmyness as an anchor for your mind to observe & let go. Observe the body being uncomfortable, but be okay with the feeling rather than constantly adjusting & fixing – this is one of the best things meditating teaches. Of course, it could also be pointing to an imbalance or minor health concern too!
Marie T.
Sit with your hips higher than your knees so there's no tension on the hips or knees. Choose a position that is comfortable enough to sustain, where you blood can flow freely. Bring mindful awareness to your body, and acceptance. Don't judge for squirming, just bring the same quality of attention to your body as you do to your thoughts. Different schools here, but stillness comes with time, and I think it's ok to mindfully move when you need to.
Juraci Q.
Observe the squirming without judgement, Slade bring your attention back to the breath. Try the Calm app to help with this
C Lestin Y.
I have done some reading and learned a little bit about Deep Work. I need to learn more about Deep Work and Deep Study. I think what helped me most was understanding how to block distractions and then setting a goal number of minutes for the Deep Study or Deep Work session. There is a rather simple process how to learn what ones common distractions are and then how to block them, but it requires practice. I still fail sometimes and then if Deep Study or Work session is not clearly defined (what is the task or goal and how long will it take?) and I have not blocked distractions (even simple things like I am thirsty or my lower back hurts or I haven’t turned my cell phone off or prevented pop up windows or other tabs for me to click on my computer or web browser), I will become fidgety and squirm.

On a separate note but I think rather salient, I have found that if I have exercised and if I have eating healthy, I can focus better and successfully complete a Deep Work Session without fidgeting.

I still have to practice and learn much more- but after a long time, I can say I am enjoying it!

Marcus U.
Find your breath and consciously breathe in and out. As you do tense and relax each muscle group before going into full meditation. If u still find sitting still difficult true focused walking meditation it will give u the same physical effects but May suit more active people.
Gaby F.
You just have to try and fall into a position most natural to you. Some small back tenseness and small urges to move are normal, but if you let your body just fall into a relaxed, natural position, it becomes so, so much easier. Mine is sitting with my back somewhat straight, head relaxed and slightly slung down, arms on my legs, palms up. When you find the right position, relaxation and ease with it will get better and better every time.