What is best for a wandering mind, Silent meditation or guided?

Len Cia N.
In my way of thinking, silent meditation is best for a wandering mind ,because it gives you the ability to freely think about anything in this world and to think about what is going around you without having another opinion that may affect your personal opinion negatively. It also gives you an escape way from the monotonous routine and from the world of bodies to the world of bright and thinking minds by uniting your imagination and logic to see what is the meaning of life , to discover the hidden secrets of our selves ,our ancestors and our future sons and especially to open your mind and sight.
Katie N.
I think that guided meditation is perfect for beginners, because it helps you not to be interrupted and come back to your breathing
Ana N.
If the mind is wandering and you need to focus, sitting down for a guided meditation can do wonders. But a regar silent meditation practice can do wonders to teach the mind to center on a regular basis without the need of a guided meditation. But from my experience, this can take a long time of consistent practice vefore you really see the results. For me, it was about 1 and a half years before it became second nature. But totally worth it!
Graciliana Z.
I think a guided one because if you have a wandering mind you coils One out of the silent meditation, I've zoned out of silent meditation so many times. I think, personally, that a guided meditation is best! I hope this helps! ❤
Alexis E.
Guided meditations can allow you a 'tether point' to focus on. You can focus in on the sounds of the person's voice and the experience of it to keep you present, whereas silent meditations can be harder to ground yourself in.
Tea N.
It’s depends on emotional state, purpose and experience with meditation. Guided mediation can be useful for beginners because audio cues provide prompts and encouragement. There are times during a guided meditation where my mind begins to wander. And a well timed reminder to recenter my thoughts and not judge myself has allowed me confidence to continue my meditation practice.