Can we get more options for meditation?

Amy J.
Yes. We must observe ourselves and notice the moments where we find ourselves more in tune or connected. A walk alone in nature might bring a feeling of joy and presence. Journaling with no restrictions might awaken thoughts we usually don’t think about. Deep breaths while driving or doing activities that don’t require over thinking. Painting, drawing, watering the plants could potentially get us into a meditative state.
Diana T.
Of course there are more options. If Fabulous does not have what you desire, the internet is fullnif meditation options. Google "meditation ideas" or "meditation resources" and select what interests you. There are 31 Proverbs in the Bible, I enjoy reading 1 Proverb per day. There are 150 Psalms in the Bible and I read 5 Psalms a day. The Jewish wisdom books can easily be read and learned from daily and completed monthly.
Marc Lio Z.
For me it just giving my brain a break. No over think, day dreaming, stressing over things I cant change. I love the beach, listening to the waves, watching the sun set. Just get there and relax, enjoy what you love and give your mind some time
Levi C.
I'm a "Fabulous" user, just like you, so I can't change anything about the app. I think you might have sent your question to the wrong place, but I wish you the best!
Hamilton F.
You can meditate anywhere. You can listen to music and pay attention to your breathing while sitting on a park bench. Another option is taking a yoga class that is focused on meditation and is guided by an instructor. If you’re really struggling, just take 5 minutes somewhere and count your inhales and exhales using “one, two”. This forces you to focus on one (inhale) and two (exhale). Keep repeating one and two in your mind. I found doing this very helpful when I first began meditating. Also, it’s okay to not be focused every time you mediate. Just making the effort to meditate is a huge win in and of itself. Good luck!