What is the easiest way to get rid of a distracted mind during meditation?

Beatrice F.
Being grateful; even if it might sound weird every time I meditate I think of what I’m grateful for which makes my mind not get distracted.
Bubblehue N.
The point of meditation isn't to get rid of the distracted mind, but rather to notice and be present in all the distractions one faces. It's about acknowledging the rising of our thoughts without being carried away by them, noticing the way our brain reacts to external stimuli or forms thoughts of its own with no apparent origin. This can be done through an anchor point to focus the attention to, like the breath, or a simple mantra, and after a while we will be able to stay focused for longer and avoid clinging to distractions. The anchor point can be a way to easily come back to the present moment, even after we're done with the practice.
Ma Va E.
Let the thought pass, and tell yourself it's okay for the thoughts to pass, but you won't go into it. It helps to focus on your breathing. Focus on how you feel as you breath in, through your nose, throat, filling up your lungs and expanding your belly and chest. And focus on how your belly and chest flatten as you breath out, the air going out your lungs through your throat and nose again. Visualizing a balloon that slowly defaltes/inflates while breathing may also help
Paula Y.
When I am doing my homework I got distracted so I power my cell phone and listen music so I can't hear any noise and do my homework
Signe U.
When i hear noises outside or someone talking it distracts me so always when I meditate I always make sure there is silence around me
Olivia P.
Limit what distractions are around you, only meditate when nobody else is home, and out your phone in another room so you don’t feel tempted.
Mikayla O.
I would say there is no perfect way to meditate and with that being said sometimes like me I do tend to get distracted but i feel with whatever your meditating journey is I think you should take some time on not trying too hard to focus on meditating too much meaning when you do meditate try to practice opening up to yourself in this process so you can allow yourself to focus your personal journey but don't be too hard on yourself just take one step at a time to knowing yourself and have some fun with your meditation journey also as you should know practice eventually makes perfection. 🥰
Monika F.
Recognise and accept that its okay that your thoughts are drifting, and bring yourself back to centre by remembering to ground yourself and focus on breathing.
Magnolia N.
It’s not hard to get distracted. The slightest movement will always be something that’ll take your mind off of meditation. But all you need to do is breathe. Breathe and close your eyes. Basically turbo off your body. Turn off your muscles, your negative thinking etc. just relax.
Mikayla O.
I think there is no perfect way to meditate so sometimes like me I do get distracted sometimes but I feel like you should take your time with whatever your meditating journey is and as you take time with all of that just try to fully open yourself to the process and with that practice you will make perfection 🥰
Seta O.
focus on the background music (if there is any), on your breath & your heartbeath, try to imagine that you exhale light blue healing light in to your lungs & dark blue light out (here are the toxins that you’re breathing out) try to imagine every detail as clean as possible, try to imagine every molecule and every cell and the movement of the energy
Monica Z.
Breathe in and out and try to focus on the music. Usually when I meditate I think about the things that I’m grateful for and all those thoughts
From my head go away
Katy O.
Return to the breath, it’s normal for the mind to wander, when that happens bring your attention back to your inhales and exhales, that would calm the mind.
Christiana X.
i have about 3 ways that have helped me. (1) imagine you are sitting on a bench by a steadily flowing river. as a distracting thought comes, don’t pass any judgement, but simply let it float away down the stream. this helps you stay focused and not get overwhelmed or mad at yourself for getting distracted. (2) focus on your breathing. this one is an obvious part of meditation, but it is so important. if you’re still struggling with this, imagine your breath in different ways. an ocean wave that rises and falls, the rise of a mountain to its downhill slope, or even just feeling the new, cold breath fill your body as you inhale and the warm exhale as it leaves your body. lastly, (3) this is one i was told here on the Fabulous app. it is to focus on the little space between your eyes when you close them (where the bridge bone of your nose is) and picture it as your own little safe space where no one else can be. this has helped me immensely, just gently staring into this little space (don’t get your eyes too crossed, however, it will definitely strain your eyes). happy meditating! 🙂
Alihas J.
The easiest way is- thinking your mind as a balloon which you are filling with positive energy with each inhale and throwing negetive feelings with each exhale. As soon as you realize that you are beyond the track , just exhale and throw the unpleasant feeling of being distracted. As long as you practice this, your frequency of going beyond the track will reduce because meditation is a matter of practice.
Tybah X.
Even its kind
Of hard but nothing Is hard yk
Focus on the sayings like play on some focusing music or any meditation podcasts so you may hear em rather than getting distracted and mainly relax yourself
And thank you ;))
Sophie P.
I like to read or ride my horses to distract myself. Or I exercise and go to the gym. Stuff to get out of my head and focussing on something else. Sometimes I’ll meditate.
Kevin C.
Personally, I find it easier to concentrate on the Cosmic area. I flow with the energy and concentrate on how breathing along with the cosmic energy aligns with my body.
Yolanda T.
The easiest way for me is a count of 2-4 seconds and exhale for a count of 4-6 seconds. Find the combination that works for you, making sure to exhale longer than you inhale. Focus your attention on a specific object, image, sound or even your breath to free your mind from distractions.
Kirsten A.
Focus on your breath. When you get distracted, return to focusing on your breath. You can even count breath in/breath out events up to 10 then repeat. That’s pretty much it. The point is to realize you are distracted and return to the present by focusing on your breath. Over time you will become used to returning to the present, and it will be easier to notice when your mind has wandered off.
Kate O.
I’ve struggled with this before. Just know that it’s completely normal for your mind to want to wonder off. I often find myself worrying about life’s problems. You have to remember to focus on the present, and cleanse your mind of the day’s stress. I do my meditation at night, so this is how I practice it. Focus on something that calms you down (your favorite type of weather, a significant other, an object, etc.) and deep breathing helps as well. Whenever you are done meditating, make sure to bring yourself back slowly. If you go too fast, this will cause your mind to spasm. Good luck!
Everardo F.
The easiest way to get rid of a distracted mind during mediation is to be alone in a place and to hear only the voice of meditation’s videos.
Andrew W.
When I feel my mind wandering I often start to focus on my breathing instead. In order to fully relax I imagine that with every breath each muscle relaxes one at a time as if a wave is coming over them. I really just try and focus on my body and breath to ground me.
Vivian I.
I haven’t quite mastered that, but I have used a counting method. I think of something to count or even just visualizing the numbers and saying them aloud in my head. This is also a trick I use to go to sleep. For me clearing my mind is very hard with severe anxiety and sometimes it can be overwhelming.
Willibert U.
Imagine that entire world, every emotion, thought and need is inside a tip of a Budda's pen 🙂


Let your thoughts rest on a white shelf in your imagination while You – conciseness go higher into the cosmos

Morgane Q.
Focus on oe thing at a time. Designate your thoughts to that one thing. Meditation is a time of self-reflection, gratitude & peace
Evie J.
For me i really just focus on my breathing, focus on your chest rising and falling with each breath. I also play some relaxing music which gives me a focus point to come back to if my mind wanders.
Maney T.
If your focus is on your breath, have a focal point for example the area between the tip of your nose and the upper lip. Every time you experience distraction, bring your attention to the designated focal point and return to your meditation.
Shalena W.
To find a quiet place that you’re comfortable with and to sit or lie down and to just focus on meditation and breathing one meditation I find completely helpful is leaves on a stream. Hope it helps
Keith T.
It's okay to think about other stuff, but there are few ways that will make you return your focus. You can try imagining your shape, focus on your breath, how you are sitting on your bed/floor/chair or whatever you're sitting on, try to think about you as a shape, as an individual person. It helps me at least :]