Is it okay to do stretches while meditating? I enjoy them because it helps my body loosen and my brain sync with my body. Many people tell me otherwise I just want to know your opinion on it, thank you so much in advance. :)

Nadeschda X.
I stretch while meditating and it feels good. Infact, I feel I am more mindful of the stretches when mediattng and enjoy it. Hope this helps
Carole J.
As beginner at this too I think if you do a 5 minute at start to stretch and find a comfortable space for your body to rest it will be ok but then spend 10 minutes just in same position just focus on breathing every time you brain wonders bring back to your breath and keep body still you will experience something very soothing. But also try yoga in the morning.
Lucie E.
The stretch will help fight off sleepiness and also help with some pains. Meditation is sometimes about accepting conditions and stillness. Yet, it’s main benefit is helping us reconnect our mind and our body, so stretch along! As long as you keep the meditation habit, everything is just fabulous.
Alivar C.
I don't see why not. You do you. Meditate how you like to meditate. I lay down because it's more comfortable. If you like stretching, do it! You're awesome and keep being you!
Elizabeth J.
I believe meditation is your mind time and you are allowed to be in a position that your mind is happy and relaxed. So, why not?!! Go ahead and try it! I also believe things are individualized! Like people who believe in one religion and are happy does not imply that religion would be the best asset for all other people! Everyone of us has its own unique journey
Janine X.
It’s ok do stretch during Meditation …

Because you enjoy it

There’s a rule
Enjoying something
Do draw,
Do sing ,
Just aware of your body, mind…

Hans W.
Many people only know maditation as this stationary practice. In spite of that, there are plenty of ways to meditate while moving. I personally have had walking meditations and dancing meditations and I found both work perfectly fine. Personally, I prefer a sitting meditation, but I can see how this could be a wonderful solution for someone who has trouble sitting still, or a great option for someone whose head becomes through movement. In other words: all that needs to happen is for you to get into that state of mind and if you can achieve that through moving, that's okay.
Ma Lia E.
Stretching is a Way to meditate and connect your mind to your body as long as you focus on your breath. Inhale when you elongate the body, exhale when you relax. Try to blow as much air as you can take, like if you inhale for 5 sec, then exhale for 5 other second, pausing for 1-2 sec in between.
Morgan Q.
You cannot do stretches WHILE meditating ! You may
arrange in this order -stretches , excercises , breathing , yoga ; all these for a total of 45 m.
Keep a separate time for meditation
Ella Y.
This depends on how advanced a meditator you are, but even if very advanced it would still be recommended to do some pure sitting sessions and these are inevitably deeper meditative experiences.
Daisy X.
Meditation is a personal practice and there is no right way to do it, but I do find that when I do Yoga stretches and then take 10 minutes to be still and focus on breathing and mindfulness I am happier and more productive.
Karl A.
Hmmm, I sometimes do back stretching exercises while meditating – because I often meditate in bed and listening to a guided meditation on Insight Timer or Simple Habit apps. It does sometimes affect my concentration on the app.
Alexandra R.
I do not think so. Aim of meditation being to focus your mind on one thing only I can not see how it works while giving your body the instructions to stretch. Walking meditation on the other hand can work, because it is a regular steady movement where you can „switch „ your mind off. So stretching for me is not as automatic as walking that means: I personally can’t do both at the same time. Sorry but I have no better answer.
Kate Z.
Studies show that when meditators are comfortable, they are able to go deeper into meditation and they benefit more from the session/practice. There are walking meditations, tea drinking meditations and pretty much every kind you can imagine. Also, yoga is at once a form of meditation and a preparation for meditation. Your practice is just that — yours. When you are practicing alone, you do you. In group practice however, it could be distracting to others to move about a lot and stretch, so perhaps think of that as a time to explore stillness and another way of meditating.
Angelina Z.
It is absolutely ok to stretch during meditation! There are different ways to meditate. Sitting quietly in order to be conscious of the stillness and the breath is only one method. I also enjoy meditating during yoga or other stretches; it helps me feel aware of my whole body, helps me listen to what my body and mind try to tell me. You may want to try stillness meditation for a new challenge sometime, but meanwhile, keep up the good habit!
Thibaut O.
I believe a meditative state can occur from doing anything you can do with very little thinking (aka repeated movements, slow stretching). However, I don't think you could deeply meditate while stretching, which is what I prefer doing as it releases more tension and is more relaxing.
Roberta J.
I like to remain still and let my head slightly hang forward while I listen to Tibetan Singing Bowls. Stretching is a great idea. I might give this a try.
Leah T.
Yes. As long as your meditation is not affected you may do some stretching but not at the cost of being thought free during meditation. Thanks.
Franciele Z.
Meditation isn’t a one-size-fits-all. There are many different forms of meditation. Lying down, sitting, standing, walking to name a few. What you’re doing sounds a lot like Yin Yoga which can be described as a form of mindful stretching, maybe give that a go. But more importantly: endeavour to find what works for you. If this brings you peace and tranquility or whatever your goal is, then you’re on the right path. Namaste.
Natascha S.
A lot of practice it takes to get in a meditative state. Beginners it’s usually much easier to sit quiet with no other distractions. Yet if you were wanting to keep at the movements in your training you can purchase a MUSE electric brain scanner. This tells you if you are truly in a zen state. Even with stretching. It’s all about brain training. So no matter what it’s all about what is most comfortable for you to do.