How do you know if the meditation you’re doing is correct?

Fernando F.
I'm still new to meditation and learning new techniques/methods. I don't believe that I am in a position say what is correct or wrong. However, it's been helping feel more calm and at ease.
Melora Rouse N.
I honestly have no idea. What I do know is the mindful breathing helps me to just focus on that and nothing else for a bit. It makes me feel grounded.
Nicklas P.
The moment I realize that I am able to regulate my breath and also moderate my thoughts when they wander, when I feel so relaxed and unbothered but only feeling the moment and everything around me, listening to my own breathe move to all the parts of my body then yes there's some good magic happening
Joan F.
Feeling inside. You don't necessarily feel content after meditation but you feel like your mind is in order. You can tackle what's coming next with a clearer brain.
Tiffany U.
Hi Dear, i am not sure what i am doing is corect but i do my best to do exaxtly what i learn from videos and podcast i hope you would use them to do right things.
Zakaria B.
I release my thoughts and feelings and express them as raw as possible, I appreciate the opportunities I have and I look back at the past hurdles to get strength from them.
I feel better mentally after doing so
Emma P.
I have no idea what the right answer is here, but I think as long as I feel relaxed, or more focused, if my head feels a little clearer and less noisy after meditating, then I must be doing it right. The key thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself.
Courtnee N.
I’ve tried many different forms of meditation: transcendental, loving kindness/compassion, yoga, zen, you named it. The good thing is there’s no wrong way to meditate in my opinion. If I can get to a place where my body simply feels relaxed – then I consider it a success. I recently discovered the “6 phase meditation” which combines gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and visualization of future dreams… all in under 20 minutes. I have been doing that for about a week; and it feels fantastic, like maybe I finally found “the one” … but I also accept that I am a butterfly when it comes to meditation, and I may have different needs to find calm from one day to the next.
Sander P.
Really, if you are feeling refreshed and clear headed after meditating, you're doing a good job! There are many different styles of meditating, personally I enjoy counting slowly in my head and drawing myself to my breath. I feel most successful when the flow of thoughts in my head moves from a rush to a slow flow, so I can let my thoughts drift by and bring myself back to my breath. It's not always easy though! Sometimes it's enough just to sit with your breath, and letting yourself relax for a moment without pressure to get up and do something.
Erwan Q.
I think the meditation purpose is notice to our body and our mind instead of thinking about other things and I trying to reach this purpose. It does not important how you're do it.
Just try and enjoy your meditation time.