How do I start meditating?

Aarsha E.
I start meditating as soon as I wake up.. I do the first session of mindfulness sitting on bed. It helps me concentrate better as the mind is empty of all thoughts. It gives me a peaceful start to the day.
Helia N.
At first i mediated for about just more a month or so then I felt out of focus after that due to feeling melancholy. Then I would try and find something I enjoy and feel worthy again that would also make you feel productive such as finding the right people. Now I have consistently meditated and feel really productive in which meditation can be benefited such as reducing stress and focus on all of the parts of your body by relaxing and by focusing on nothing something like that yk. Try searching Buddhism cheat sheet which might help you.
Byron O.
I was meditating before this app but if you have sm kids when they nap you can do 5 mins when in the shower 10 or 5 whatever your preference before bed use they time u have
Sarah G.
Find a quiet and private space. Try using a guided meditation for beginners. It’ll talk you through it. You can find this on YouTube or use a free app version of HeadSpace or Insight Timer.