At what time of the day do you like to mediate?

Adam Y.
I want to meditate first thing in the morning but usually that doesn’t happen and i eat breakfast first, i usually meditate around 10:10 am
Ella N.
I enjoy meditating right before I sleep, after I’ve finished getting ready to go to bed; however, I have recently found that meditating right after my morning workout is just as effective. Depending on your morning routine this may or may not fit in your schedule. If you have trouble staying asleep or if you have trouble going to sleep at night I recommend that you meditate before you got to sleep.
Isabella T.
I like to meditate in the morning after waking up around 6:30am and also right before I go to sleep.
Claire F.
At night, right before I go to sleep, so I can gently fall to sleep.
Elsie X.
Mostly mornings, however, if I feel I need to gather my thoughts I’ll do it again later on in the day.
Ben U.
Usually, I would like to meditate twice a day. In the morning, I like to meditate for about ten minutes and it helps me to start my day with a clear mind and maintain a better concentration on my work.
And also , I like to meditate before go to sleep. It helps me to get a better sleep with a clear mind.