Can walking with music be considered “meditation “? I find this clears my mind

Enila R.
If it helps you can consider it as meditation, but the point of meditation is aiming for mindfulness, not some process that magically wipes your mind clear of the countless and endless thoughts that erupt and ping constantly in our brains.
In case you want to know how i meditate first Get comfortable and prepare to sit still for a few minutes then focus on your breath for around two minutes.
Hope it helps 🙂
Thea S.
It would be considered as meditation if and only if the music is not hype but it should be calming and relaxing. Also with walking, it would also considered as meditation because you are breathing. This is my opinion.
Gerald Z.
Yeah it could be but you must always be alert at what’s around you for example you listening to music meditating and a car comes and you don’t hear it because you was at peace
Pedro F.
I personal think it matters where you are walking. If there are cars and other noisy things I don’t think so but if you we’re walking thru like a forest or an empty road. Yeah I think that could definitely be considered meditation
Luna T.
Yes walking with music can help take you further along your journey of discovering the whole you observe the words or sounds for the music and step in beat also helps with longer walks when starting to feel a bit tired