What has been your greatest life lesson learned to date, as a result of your meditation practice?

Brooke M.
The importance of now and the ability to refocus.

Jasmine Y.
When you are feeling down or in pain, take 3 deep breaths and turn on some mellow music in relax app.

Elsbeth O.
That it's good for my mind and body calms my anxiety and stress.

Phyllis E.
It has helped me build concentration and focus . Helped me declutter my mind and life .

Stacey N.
Learning to focus intensely on my meditation for longer periods of time has probed proved difficult, but I am slowly learning how to only focus on one thing at a time. Pacing your thoughts is key in meditation, so you can get a clearer view of your life at present.

Gregory Z.
To try to stay at the side of the road and let emotions pass me by rather than to be dragged into the ups and downs of trivial things. Everything will pass.

Bekir V.
That anything can be done. You don't need to apply a lot of effort for it, just notice what it is that is stopping you and let it go.
It also taught me one of the biggest and the most important lesson of my life till now, that I'm not my thoughts, that I'm not my feelings. They are impermanent and that they come and go. So, you can't relate yourself to something that's ever-changing.

Alejandro B.
I have been such a child!!! My impulses have lead me towards the victim mentality. At the same time, this has made me realize my strengths and I have always been strong. I just need to believe and be assertive.

Ruben S.
Mindfulness has allowed me to slow down & to have more control over my emotions.

Vicki U.
Negative thoughts are starting to disappear. First started to notice them, then I began to stop the . Lately I have notice that they are more and more sporadically appearing

Adam P.
There is heaviness in chest which want me to talk, also manjushri says I am my own superhero. i can contribute in infinite ways or be dormant. Universe would grant me only if I seek answer help from myself

مهدیس رضاییان N.
When you are engaged by strong emotions, focus on breathing

Javier F.
That there is more to life than what is in front of you, and that there are many different ways to accomplish one task

Hans Adolf U.
That I am strong. I can control how I react to the emotions I feel. I have power over myself and I can use it to feel good and safe and blissful. I am strong