Do you read before you meditate or meditate before you read?

Patricia N.
I havnt start to Read yet.The first thing that I do after drinking water is meditate. So I guess meditate first and reading after when I start reading.
Sebastian C.
I usually meditate before reading. It gets my mind clear and helps me better understand and remember what I'm reading. Meditation is one of the first things I do in the morning, while reading is a part of my afternoon routine, when I have most of my free time. Hope it helps!
Sarah Z.
I usually read before I meditate so that I can journal about what i read and how I feel about it after giving my mind a rest. I usually read one chapter of a self-help book that lists ways to reduce anxiety in little ways.
Tinita F.
For me, I mediate before reading because in meditating your mind just think freely
I think reading before
meditation makes what one read to keep on popping up in ones mind, which is not what meditation is all about. As you allow your mind to think what it want not what you want
Thank you