What benefits have you noticed since you started meditating as a habit?

Jolie C.
I’ve experienced less heart palpitations, anxiety, and more appreciation for the present, instead of obsessing over the future and past all of the time. I’ve grown more disciplined in pulling out of racing thoughts about what could be or what was, and instead living in the now.
Constance I.
I have noticed that lately I am living more in my present, which I couldn’t before since I was always thinking about the future or the past, I have also noticed that my concentration on certain activities has improved and I have managed to control my anxiety.
Keti T.
It's too soon I think to see any benifits, but if I have to point one is that I'm not on my phone, I'm in my mind processing things
Cassie N.
I started to notice the things that my mind would drift off to and realize that those were my stressors throughout the day. By taking the time to check in with myself and see what was causing my stress I’m better able to manage it.
Ngue Q.
honestly, since i’ve started meditating i’ve been so much better mentally. i meditate for 5 minutes every morning and evening (i do in the afternoon if i have time) and i plan out what i want to do. i also think about what i’m grateful for. procrastination is something that i struggle with, but using the meditation time to focus on myself, my plans, and my goals has really made me productive.