What is meditation for you? How would you explain what is happening while meditating?

Kesi T.
Meditation for me calms my mind and relaxes my soul,it relieves stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed,I feel light and better and it helps make my day better
Arina F.
You settle down your mind and stop thinking continuously. You let you thoughts to flow and don't grab non of them for thinking deeper. You become an observer of your thoughts and feelings, step away from your body and let it relax and rest. But your mind needs to be sharp at the same time in order to fall in the trap of thoughts and start pondering.
Axel S.
Stay quiet and let the mind and the body relax and flow. Think only in good thing that se have in life, and think less in all the problems. 
I feel calm, but i am dificult to concentrat só, its a little hard for me, but i feel really good
Lola T.
Meditation to me is the moment that i give me to myself. My mind while i'm meditating is a disorder of ideas, but i tried to keep focus in the present