I have been meditating for over a year now but still cannot get to a perfectly still mind for those 15 minutes. Any suggestions?

Mekale N.
That is completely normal. The point is not necessarily that your mind is still for 15 minutes, what’s more important is that you were able to redirect your thoughts to the present faster then you used to. Meaning that you’re not getting caught up in your thoughts. This is the skill that will bring you peace in your day-to-day life. Life does not happen in a vacuum meaning you’ll be bound to have highes and lows (which will show up in how you think and the quality of your thoughts). So mastering redirect your thoughts to the present is the ultimate skill to practice and master.
Ron O.
I can take longer and it’s very dependent on your initial mind busyness. I meditate after practising yoga for about an hour and then breathing exercises for about 15 minutes. So my mind is already quite settled.
Are you using any techniques? Maybe try a different one.
The most important thing is to keep practising on a daily basis and observe the differences. After all we are not robots, it will vary from day to day.
Good luck!
Julie I.
I think I've heard that is normal. You just gently bring your attention back when you notice it has wandered off.
I have the same problem… and I guess I've been meditating for over a year!

Good luck 😉