How long do you usually meditate and what’s in your mind when meditating? How efficiently keep concentrating?

Tina F.
I meditate daily. Sometimes 5 minutes, other times up to an hour, but mostly 15-20 minutes.

I start with simply following my breath in and out, allowing my focus to come into my body, to my breath. If thoughts come up, I acknowledge them, then return to my breath.

For me, the goal is not concentrating, not thinking, but simply being present in my body, letting go of the outside world, allowing my body to move or stretch or settle down.

Even five minutes of this can relax me and refresh my energy. Just breathe.

Lineia F.
I usually meditate up until i get distracted, the time where i get distracted i stop. For me i can only handle about 10 mins because i jave anxiety and im not so good at handling my thoughts yet. When im meditating i think about my body and how it feels, and the surroundings, i concentrate better with someone speaking for example headspace does guided meditation and while your meditating tells you to remember to allow thoughts to pass and if your mind is wandering gently bring your attention back to your body. Honestly the more you meditate the easier it will become.
Ana S E.
The length of the time I meditate depends on what I am meditating on and how much time I have. If I am trying to empty my mind before I sleep I will meditate on a non existant word my word is tsa-la-gat. I will just keep saying and/or thinking it till I fall asleep. 

If I need to calm down quick. I will use the meditation from the app. Breath for 4 second, hold your breath for 7 and exhale for 8 until I feel sufficiently calmed down. 

In the morning while I do light therapy I will listen to a Tara Brach podcast which ends with some meditation. It's like listening to my mothers positive and encouraging words. Gives me something to focus on the rest of the day.

Amanda E.
I usually meditate for 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer. I start every meditation session by imagining a way to get rid of thoughts: letting them go as clouds in the sky, right in a black hole… This settings help me to stay focused on being present, not thinking or judging anything. After a couple minutes (after months of practice of course) I usually reach a point where I’m not thinking anymore and thoughts don’t come as often, and I can let them go easily.
Hope it’s useful 🙂
Jerry C.
Even only a few minutes helps. I follow the advice that when you find your mind wandering, don't berate yourself, just go back to observing your in breath and your out breath. Sometimes I do that while counting to 100, it helps 😁. Good luck, you got this!
Maurice U.
I do it everyday! What it's in your mind depends on the objective and object of your meditation. It can be useful to use a breath focus meditation while you gain some experience doing it. If you want to go deeper you can look for Modern Buddhism on internet and read beautiful books like the Mirror of Dharma. You don't have to be buddhist to employ Buddha's wonderful techinques to find inner peace. Go ahead and try it 😉
Alfred G.
Hi my meditations go for between 5 and 20 mins and I prefer to use guided meditation by listening to a mindfulness exercise which directs my attention.
Craig B.
10 – 15 minutes. Generally focus, self esteem and happiness building guided meditations. I'm getting better but still easily distracted
Oliver W.
I aim for a 10 minute exercize and I look for a guided one, since i am new to meditation. Mind keeps wandering pretty often, but i calmly guide it back to to meditative state.
Allison Z.
I meditate on average about 20 minutes. Usually nothing is on my mind, I achieve this by observing any thoughts that appear and saying (in my mind) “thought.” It’s a good technique that reminds me that I’m thinking, takes me out of the thought, and since I’m now on the outside, it helps me let it go. After a couple meditations I got better at it.
Billie E.
I usually meditate for 10 minutes a day sometimes 20 and I focus on my breath. Random thoughts pop up here and there but I go back to my breath every time. I also try not to judge my thoughts. Just sort of letting her go bye like clouds.
Vilma C.
I usually meditate for twenty minutes and I do have thoughts coming in but I acknowledge them and then go back to my breath. Hope this helps!
Godofreda F.
I spend about 10 – 20 mins meditating. I use a guided Christian meditation which really helps me focus and keeps my mind clear.
Xoxo ❤️
Norman C.
I am a beginner and trying to develop a habit and the practice . I have been meditating for 12 minutes with plans to increase the time. My mind wanders about work and life things until I refocus on the breathing.
Jake J.
My meditation can range from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. It just depends on how much time I am able to set aside for it. My longer meditation sessions are usually at night while my 3 minute ones are when I am about to head out the door in the morning. I’m training myself in meditation so my mind often wanders. It’s not a bad thing but I try and picture a black empty room. I let my thoughts pass through and continue in my session. I keep my concentration by listening to the voice guiding my meditation and following my breathing. Constantly thinking “in-out” over and over.
Susanna E.
10 to 20 minutes on waking and prior to sleeping. Try using a guided meditation in this app it will help keep you focused and with regular practice it becomes easier to accomplish.