Do you sit or lie down to meditate? Open or closed eyes? Music or silence?

Cody Z.
Sitting, closing my eyes and guided. I need it to be like that because I drift away/get distracted too easily. I even try to get audios to play "behind" the guiding so that it cancels out any other noises. But you have to try and see what's best for you.

Thea P.
I lie down because meditation longer than 5 minutes outside too much pressure on my lower back and it hurts. Sometimes a pillow helps but I do it to end my day so laying down just puts me in a more restful state anyway. I usually close my eyes, it helps me visualize better. If I'm having concentrating I'll put on music to help me focus.

Benjamin E.
I lie down and play a two minute meditation video from YouTube. Silence, and deep slow breathing for two minutes helps as well.

Leslie W.
I sit down in the Sukhasana pose. At times with the gyan mudra, at times the hands stay clasped in my lap. Back is straight, ahoulders, neck and jaw relaxed but not slouching. I play nature sounds (mostly wind, birdsong or water) and prefer having my eyes closed.

Allen U.
I sit on a chair every morning, straight up. I use the Headspace app for a couple of years now. I close my eyes and listen to a guided meditation, with a headset in my ears in a silent room.

Louise Y.
I meditate in the shower. The water is white noise to me and it helps me focus on what I’m trying to accomplish either for that day or the next.

Zoe Y.
I sit with closed eyes in silence. This is my usual posture while meditating.
For relaxation I found more effective lying down and do a body scan meditation.
IMHO posture, meditation style and so are very personal, the best approach is to try different combination and find what suits you.

Magnus B.
I sit with my back against a wall on my bed with closed eyes. Usually I listen to a meditation 🧘‍♀️ guide or rain sounds while meditating.

Charlotte O.
Typically I sit with my eyes closed in an upright position. I pretend there’s a string at the top of my head connected to the ceiling, allowing my posture to align. Sometimes I do guided meditation, sometimes I like silence. It does help to focus on your breath, and even stare at the flame of a candle, or try a mantra for the first few minutes to get you going. Body scans are great as well.

Jesus Y.
I mostly sit up in a comfortable sofa chair or chair with arm rests

I used to close my eyes but nowadays I fell more comtkeepibg my eyes open and judt either look at a picture or a tree outside a window and focus my thoughts.

In the evening when I try to go to sleep, I am going to try laying still, closing my eyes , and quieting my mind using the Sleep Meditation MMF routine.

Creusa Q.
Mostly, if I feel sleepy I would open my eyes, if I feel awake and distracted I may close my eyes, and I never like to meditate with music, I like it in silence

Bayram O.
I usually sit when meditating, although I often use guided visualisations to ease me into sleep, lying down.
Depending when I meditate, in the mornings I sometimes sit in bed supported but not leaning against pillows, sometimes on the floor either on a yoga mat or a bolster. I always meditate with my eyes shut, but after this question I will try with my eyes open!!!
I kinda like internalising so close my eyes, but hey it’s always good to explore.
I sometimes go without music line when doing gratitude, sometimes use a full moon guided meditation and sometimes I use music. Often depends what my purpose for meditating is!! If I feel I need a bit of help I’ll use someone else guiding me, there are great YouTube channels and websites to help . My suggestion is to explore 🙏🏼

Clyde S.
I do it first thing in the morning, after visiting the bathroom. I sit on me bed, eyes closed and usually have sone type of music or sound in the background ftom a guided meditation video or app.

Gabrielle E.
Sit up so you aren't tempted to fall asleep. I have closed eyes of I'm distracted, but have open eyes with soft gaze if I'm feeling strong. I tend to use a guided meditation, but use music if I can't get a guided meditation.

Frederik W.
I have tried each way described above. Sometimes it depends on if it is a guided meditation or the focus of the meditation. I find it very interesting and feel that I am growing and learning more each time.

Lydia W.
I used to always lay down but ended up getting sleepy now I changed it up a bit and try it sitting down with my eyes closed even though I feel more comfortable laying down. I like silence.
I’m starting to meditate like five minutes under the water after a shower in the morning, that gets my day going more focused.

Tristan B.
Morning: Sit, on bed, back straight, with pillow against wall, eyes closed, guided &/or binaural beats (proven effective). Night: yoga mat sitting on floor, eyes closed, back straight, sometimes binaural / silent.

Arthur E.
Prefer to lie down, as it helps me relax more, however I do it sitting too. Closed eyes as I can visualise better. Both, it depends on the reason why I'm meditating

Ludger X.
Hi. Better not to lie down as the temptation to sleep may distract from the meditation. I usually have my back supported, not completely vertical so that I can relax. Definitely eyes closed so that you can bring your awareness inward. Enjoy!