Where do you find your best guided morning meditations?

Mathilde Z.
You can find best guided meditations in the apps like Simple Habit , Headspace , Let's Meditate , Calm …

These are the apps I recommend

Carlene Q.
I usually like to sit up right with my feet on the ground and my back nice and straight. Usually on my couch sitting towards the edge of the cushion.
Baconly F.
I’ve done plenty of different guided meditations, from insight timer to headspace. My current favorite is from the app Sanity and Self, a self help app for women. I think some of it can be used by men too though.
Ann N.
Insight Timer has thousands of meditations of different types. They also have courses that focus on different aspects of the human condition.
Alicia Y.
I have been using the calm app for a year, I like how they have daily meditations that I can just press play on and not have to think too much into it.
Benjamin Z.
In the morning i usually stit and enojoy the stillness of the house. Im not able to meditate much because my mind always finds a way to get destracted