Sometimes I jump out of my state of meditation kinda like the falling dream that can wake you as you begin to sleep. Is this normal? Why does this happen and are there ways to help prevent this reaction?

Onofre Q.
One doesn’t fall “out” of meditation. One can fall out of a trance or into a trance. One can get distracted. Or fall asleep. Meditation is about being awake to all states of mind, even jerky ones.
Alison E.
I think there’s no such thing as “normal” in meditation, it’s simply however it works on you for what you need at the time or Iran your body giving you clues. I’d recommend, however, if you’d like to be a bit more alert, you could add some essential oils to your practice. Peppermint, orange, and lemon are all invigorating scents that will prevent you from nodding off/having a jumpy sleep-like reaction. Hope it helps!
Mary Z.
I have had that problem before in the beginning, so I started using guided meditation. Then I slowly work my way up to using bells at the beginning and end of my meditation. The bells signal to my inter-being that it is time to come out of the meditation, therefore I am not a startled.
Ehrentraud Z.
Tbh I've never experienced it, but we all get distracted. I would like u to treat this just as that, it's okay just get back to meditation. Meditation is about being present, so be present during that state as well. Maybe one day that will get u the answer for it 🙂
Tara P.
This experience is pretty normal and here is why. The beginning state of meditation and sleep are very similar since in both, as the mind settles and the body relaxes, your brain waves change from beta to alpha. That’s why drowsiness can arise making difficult to stay awake. Just don’t beat yourself up about it. This is the reality of today’s practice, no judgment or feeling of negativity towards you or the practice. If you feel you are trailing off into slumber, try to take some deep breaths and focus you attention back to it. Good luck!
Liva C.
I’ve been taught that it is normal and is an opportunity for you to bring your focus back. It’s not something to get upset about and requires only a nudge in the right direction