I want to establish an early morning ritual but I work 80+ hours per week. It’s hard for me to quiet my mind before the start of the day but I do think it would be a helpful way to become more mindful from the beginning of the day. How do you overcome anxiety about moving on to the next thing when you sit to meditate?

Adeline X.
The way I overcome anxiety may not work best for you. I do not work an 80 hour work week but I am a student with a lot of homework. I can’t move onto another portion of homework without having anxiety over maybe missing a problem. The best thing thing that I can do for myself to overcome anxiety is to step away from what is causing the anxiety. Breathe. Tell myself that it’s going to be ok. Sometimes I might turn on happy music in order to brighten my mood. Then I am able to overcome the anxiety and move on to the next task.

Layla Y.
Taking time out to meditate to develop stages of states to contemplate and to breathe For me or not difficult I’d rather continue in this all the time as a ancient texts says “I meditate moment by moment throughout the day throughout the night on the agreements to align myself…”
What I do find difficult is the dualistic nature of the uncivilized institutions of civilization that require the majority to consume and a minority to partake of truths that have been twisted but still give them abilities to produce what the others consume… To aid in abed such systems that have gone on for 6000 years of opportunity to choose is difficult to put in 80 or 120 hours as in the past to promote such devolution. What a pitiful creation that it is soul occupied holding up the imputant as if they were hero’s and great.
For mankind to enjoy their land and family growing without concerns of the destructive imps projecting their overreaching ideal on the automations of their soon leaving world is extra special extasy to pre see.